Fun and Creative Christmas Gifts for Your Boss ...


Fun and Creative Christmas Gifts for Your Boss   ...
Fun and Creative Christmas Gifts for Your Boss   ...

No matter what kind of person he or she is, chances are you are looking for Christmas gifts for your boss. You don't have to spend a ton of money or be the person who finds the perfect gift. Leave that to your boss's family. Instead, choose a gift that is appropriate for your relationship. Here are some great Christmas gifts for your boss.

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Manly Ideas - $18 - $60

mouth, finger, professional, Good for: Male executive
If you have a boss who is a male, it can be a bit more difficult to find the right gift. The trick is to find something manly, but not too personal.
Reflections Black Golf Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set - $29.99
Executive Choice Gourmet Gift Basket - $59.95
Decision Paperweight - $18.00


Tech Lover - $50 - $150

hair, human hair color, girl, fun, blond, Good for: Tech-savvy boss
Is your boss someone who always has the latest and greatest gadget? It's easy to gift something tech-y and your boss will love any of these ideas.
Parrot Smart Pot - $149.99
Gabba Goods Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - $50.00
Sonos BOOST Wi-FI Signal Booster - $99.00


Family Oriented - $26 - $75

pink, television program, album cover, friendship, product, Good for: Boss who loves showing off family photos
Is your boss's desk littered with family photos? A family oriented boss is someone that's usually pretty great to work for. Adding to his or her collection is a fun idea that will make you a new favorite employee.
Insignia 10-inch Digital Photo Frame - $59.99
Personalized Family Print - $75.00
Family Charades Game - $26.00


Tea or Coffee Lover - $13 - $97

cup, coffee cup, tableware, tea, cup, Good for: Gentle, kindly female boss
If there's always a mug of tea or coffee on her desk, giving her something new to try or restocking her favorites is never a bad idea at Christmas time. Use the code AWS15 for a 15% discount at
Teami Tea Tumbler - $24.99
Novel Teas - $12.50
Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine - $96.99


Food and Wine Lover - $28 - $65

alcoholic beverage, drink, wine, bottle, liqueur, Good for: Anyone who likes to eat and drink
Foodies are everywhere and if your boss is one of them, he or she will love having a treat this holiday season. Whether it's sweet, savory or liquid, you simply can't go wrong.
Lolli and Pops Popcorn Tubes - $36.00
Sugarfina The Vice Collection Candy Bento Box - $65.00
True Fabrications Viski Raye Faceted Stemless Wine Glasses - $28.00


Eco-friendly - $18 - $30

christmas, event, christmas decoration, tradition, Good for: Female boss with an eco-friendly, funky chic style
If she loves anything that's great for the environment, you should have plenty of ways to bring a smile to her face at Christmas this year.
Growing Wishes Seed Kit - $20.00
Kate Spade Glitter Glass Water Bottle - $30.00
Zoe Organics Cream - $17.95


Quirky - $13 - $29

product design, cookware and bakeware, small appliance, Good for: a boss who loves something different
Maybe your boss doesn't fit into any of these other categories. He or she may be a bit harder to shop for, but there are lots of options that are sure to bring a smile this Christmas. What are you buying your boss this year?
Personalized Jigsaw Walnut Coasters - $28.16
Punderdome Card Game for Pun Lovers - $13.35
Microwave Popcorn Popper - $14.99

What are you buying for your boss this year?

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Wish I saw this post earlier! Such great ideas! I just went out and bought my boss a gift yesterday. I got her a nice throw blanket and silver detailed picture frame because she had told me she just closed on an apartment and I wanted to get her something for her new place. If your boss shares a little about their personal life with you, try to find a gift that shows you were listening and interested!

I'm the "boss" of my company and I would defenetly love these gifts from my employees! :)

Loove the floating desktop globe just throwing it out there lol!

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