7 Great Gifts for Hunters ...


7 Great Gifts for Hunters ...
7 Great Gifts for Hunters ...

As a girl who has spent much of her adult life in Michigan, I have to tell you: most of the men I know are now, or have been at some point, hunters. As in, dress in camouflage, sit in the pre-dawn cold for hours, and shoot and kill Bambi. For the record, Bambi is delicious. Knowing so many hunters, this time of year is a frenzy of last-minute preparation for the beginning of hunting season, so I’m always scouting for gifts for the hunters in my life. If you’re about to be a hunting widow, I feel your pain, and suggest you go shopping strictly for the retail therapy. Here are 7 great gifts for the hunter in your life…

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Garmin® Etrex Legend HCx GPS Bundle

Garmin® Etrex Legend HCx GPS Bundle Price: $169.99 at cabelas.com
As you know, men have a very difficult time admitting when they’re lost, and no matter how bad their sense of direction, they’re not about to admit it, especially around their hunting buddies. Save your hunter the humiliation by giving him this ultra-awesome GPS bundle by industry-leader Garmin.


Zink Power Hen™ PH-2 Duck Call

Zink Power Hen™ PH-2 Duck Call Price: $129.99 at cabelas.com
I have to admit: this thing is awesome. I’ve played with duck calls before, and while they seem vaguely ridiculous, that’s only because you’ve never actually seen one work! This one’s sort of the be-all end-all of duck calls. It sounds very realistic, and comes in three colors.


GRABBER® Toe Warmers

GRABBER® Toe Warmers Price: $9.99 at cabelas.com
As I mentioned earlier, gall game hunters in Michigan are bound to freeze, especially while standing still, waiting for their game to show up. As much as they hate to admit being cold (about as much as they like admitting being lost), men love the idea of foot and hand warmers, and these toe warmers are a brilliant gift. They’d never buy them for themselves, but they’ll be so glad you bought these for them.


Cabela's Dry-plus®/Thinsulate™ Leather Palm Gloves

Cabela's Dry-plus®/Thinsulate™ Leather Palm Gloves Price: $9.88 at cabelas.com
Most hunters will wear gloves, so their hands and fingers aren’t too numb to take aim and shoot their prey. These gloves would make a fantastic gift, for so many reasons. First, they’re incredibly warm. Second, they’re not bright orange or yellow. And third, because they’re made by Cabela’s, you know they’ll last for years.


Gorilla Greyback™ Stealth HX Climber Treestand

Gorilla Greyback™ Stealth HX Climber Treestand Price: $189.99 at cabelas.com
Hunters drool over Gorilla treestands the way we girls drool over designer shoes. It’s true. This one’s particularly great, with all sorts of comfort and safety features included. Imagine how happy you’d be if he gave you those suede boots you’ve been eyeing. That’s how happy he’d be if you bought him this treestand.


Benchmade Nitrous™ Stryker® Knives

Benchmade Nitrous™ Stryker® Knives Price: $159.99 at cabelas.com
This may seem a bit pricey for one knife, but he’s not going to be using it for chopping carrots in the kitchen. He’ll be using it for much more manly, hunter-like tasks, most of which are bloody and require a durable, ultra-sharp blade. Imagine how tough he’ll look, too, using it to clean his fingernails…


Under Armour® ColdGear® Evolution Camo Series

Under Armour® ColdGear® Evolution Camo Series Price: $57.99 at cabelas.com
Wow, do you think the hot body comes with the Under Armour, or is that just for display? AHEM. Anyway. All hunters need an extra layer of warmth, and Under Armour is famous for being one of the warmest layering tops you can get. I like this one because it’s long-sleeved, and even though it’ll be worn under other clothes (hence the name), the camo print is manly and tough.

Carefully consider how you’ll be spending the first two weeks of November, while your man is out hunting, well-prepared and toasty warm, courtesy of you… shall we meet for cocktails and shoe shopping? Which of these goodies do you think your hunter would like best? Or have you found something else you think he’ll love? Please let me know!

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#6 Benchmade is top notch, but pretty pricy. You can probably get something similar by Spyderco or CRKT if you don't want to drop 160 for a knife.

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