5 Wonderful Gift Ideas ...


5 Wonderful Gift Ideas ...
5 Wonderful Gift Ideas ...

High-heeled shoes are sexy and all but how about going barefoot? Gift for the feet to go barefoot, you wonder? I am not talking about an invisible gift, of course! Check out the link for some ideas.

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Flowers are great "just because" gifts. And you know what's better than buying from a flower shop? Giving flowers you grew yourself!


Know someone who is a big Twilight fan? How about making her (or him) happy by giving her one of these fun gifts? The puzzle ball looks fun! I'm not into Twilight but I do love me some puzzles.


A book is always a welcome gift, in my opinion. My friends say that it's hard to buy books for me because I might already have a copy of the one they're buying but I say that doubles are welcome too! Here is one book I have yet to read, though.


Get Your Craft on

Yet another book that I cannot wait to buy. Or receive. If you know someone who loves making bags or sewing in general, this book will be a wonderful gift.

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Handycrafts are my fav all the time.

Great gift ideas... The "barefoot sandals" would be great for the beach! I wish I could make or sew a purse together...that book would be great for my sister's friend who just made me a hand sewn purse that I love!

I'd love it if someone gave me something off these pages.

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