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Spring is the best time of the year to turn over a new leaf. Many people try to start the year out right with the New Years Resolutions. To me, it is hard to do because I think you are so hyped up over the holidays that many resolutions are based on emotions. By the time spring rolls around, our feet seem to be back on the ground and reality has set back in. So here are 8 lovely ideas to inspire a new you this spring...

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A simple smile is a nice way of being nice! It's simple and easy to do, but it can mean the world to a person who is having a bad day! So, "smile a while and give your face a rest..."



If you see someone who is clearly having a bad day, engage them in a light conversation, starting with something positive, like the fact that they look nice, or how the weather is so bright and cheery. As they begin talking, if the opportunity presents itself, let them know you have seen they're not quite their self today, and if they need to talk later, you're there for them. You never know how much help you can be to someone simply with a brief conversation.


Be Courteous

If a friend or coworker drops their things, be courteous and help them pick their things up. Don't be nosey and read messages, but try to be a blessing to them. Open doors for others, and allow others to go ahead of you. This is basic courtesy we were taught when we were kids, but many today seem to have forgotten their manners!



Know an elderly person in need of assistance? Did you get wind through the "little birdies" that your boss is going to be staying overtime to get the extra workload done? Why not offer to help? Helping others should go above and beyond basic courtesies - it should even be out of your way a bit. Sacrifice a little to help a friend.



Next time you're in the drive through, ask that that total owed for the car in front of you be added to your own tab. Or when you're in a coffee shop, pay for someone else's coffee too. You will probably never "get anything" from it, but knowing that you are a blessing to others tends to be a very rewarding feeling!


365 Things

I read one "nice" idea online a while back. It said that everyday, for a year, write down one thing you love about your child, husband, wife or friend. At the end of the year, you will have a long list of 365 things you love about that person! Type it out on pretty paper, all numbered, and give it to them as a gift!


Share Your Food

Next time you're in the kitchen baking lots of goodies, make a few extra, and take a plate to a neighbor. Share baked goodies with your local fire department crew, and thank them for their service. It's fun to share, right?


Kick a Bad Habit

Habits are hard to start, but they are even harder to break. What a lovely idea it would be to just break that habit. Quit smoking, for good. Exercise more regularly. Stop eating bunches of junk food. Break the habit!

I hope these ideas inspired you to move on to a more lovely idea and improve yourself! We live in a world that is full of hate and mean people. It's nice to know there are a few people who have the ability to be nice to others!

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being courteous is so underrated nowadays

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