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7 Ways to Brighten Your House with Natural Lighting ...

By Mercy

A bright room is a cheerful room. As I have come to find, it does not take a lot of time, effort or money to brighten every room of your house. The best way to brighten a room is by using natural lighting. Here are some easy and effective ways to brighten your house with natural lighting.

1 Positioning of Windows

Positioning of WindowsPhoto Credit:[DOUBLEViSiON.]

While this is perhaps the one of the more expensive ways to brighten your house with natural lighting, it is also the most effective one. If you happen to have a window on the side of the house that gets the maximum sunlight, then that’s great. If not, you may want to consider adding one. It is a one-time effort from which you stand to benefit significantly.

2 Right Window Treatment

Right Window TreatmentPhoto Credit: Kempt

It is quite pointless to have a window in the right place, if it is going to be heavily draped with thick curtains and sunlight preventing window treatments. Choose the right window treatment to maximize the use of sunlight.


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3 Keep Windows Clean

While this is one of the most obvious ways to brighten your house with natural lighting, it is also one of the most overlooked. Ensure that your windows are always sparkling clean and that there is never a layer of dust and grit on it.

4 Use Reflective Colors

If your room is painted in dark colors, you will find it lot more difficult to brighten it up. Ensure that you choose light and bright colors for your walls, floor and ceiling. Light colors also help in reflecting light which help in further brightening the room.

5 Use Reflective Surfaces

Use Reflective SurfacesPhoto Credit: sunshinesyrie

Use of reflective surfaces in the room also helps in brightening the room. Position mirrors strategically. They will not only brighten your room, they will also go a long way in enhancing its décor.

6 Use Bright Colored Artwork

Use Bright Colored ArtworkPhoto Credit:girard312

This is one of the nicest ways to brighten your room with natural lighting. On one hand, the glass on the artwork acts as a reflective surface for natural light and helps brighten the room. On the other hand, if you choose artworks that portray bright, sunny images, it also creates an illusion of brightness psychologically. Undoubtedly, these artworks will also add to the character of the room.

7 Place Furniture Appropriately

Often, you find that inappropriately placed furniture tends to block the flow of sunlight in a room. Make sure you remove all large, heavy and dark furniture away from the flow of sunlight into a room and that sunlight is allowed to flow into the room unrestricted. As you can see, these ways to brighten your house with natural lighting are easy to follow. Once you have brightened your house, you will find that the house looks more cheerful, vibrant and alive. You will also find that you and your family are feeling more positive and cheerful because of the added brightness in your house. Cheerful homes make for cheerful people. Top image source:

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