7 Fabulous Bathroom Decorating Ideas ...


7 Fabulous Bathroom Decorating Ideas ...
7 Fabulous Bathroom Decorating Ideas ...

A bathroom is perhaps the most ignored and overlooked room in a house. That’s probably because people do not see themselves spending a substantial amount of time in a bathroom. Besides, it’s a place where all your ‘dirty’ business goes down (literally). The thought of beautifying the place where you poo and pee and wash away the muck of the day doesn’t really strike many people. As long as it’s functional, who the hell cares what a bathroom looks like, right? Well, I disagree with most people and enjoy changing the look of my bathroom every couple of years or so. It’s much nicer to soak in a soapy bath at the end of the day when your bathroom looks clean and inviting and its walls don’t scream “boring” in capital letters. Inspired to give your bathrooms a facelift? Choose from these 7 fabulous bathroom decorating ideas.

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Go Clean & White

Think white is too sterile a color for you? Think again. White tiles are really cheap and an all white bathroom can be beautifully set off with the help of fittings and fixtures in stainless steel or bold colors like black or red. The end effect will be a bathroom that looks clean, spacious, modern and chic.


Say It in Patterns

A lot of people aren’t comfortable using a fully patterned look for their bathrooms. However interior designers believe that patterned tiles are among the more fabulous bathroom decorating ideas provided it is done right. Mute the overpowering effect of patterned tiles and create a gentler overpowering look by using some neutral colored floor mats, curtains, and fittings in your bathroom.


‘Sea’ for Yourself

If you are partial to a coastal look, you can recreate that in your bathroom without breaking your piggy bank. Choose a soothing shade of sea green for the walls and golden or pale yellow tiles to imitate the color of sand. You could use shells, corals, and starfish as ornaments. Hunt around for shower curtains and floor mats with palm trees or tropical plant patterns on them and there you have it, your very own coastal retreat.


Stick to a Traditional Look

Another fabulous bathroom decorating idea is to go traditional. The single colored look for bathrooms can also make quite a statement by themselves. Choose plain tiles, basic patterns for floor covering and throw in a few pleasant looking accessories. For those that want a little more oomph, bring in a few house plants to decorate the bathroom.


Try the Minimalistic & Natural Look

Not many people are comfortable going overboard with designing their bathrooms and prefer a more natural and minimalistic effect. That’s pretty easy to put together too with the help of pale or off-white tiles, bamboo shelves and mats and wood accessories. Very simple and yet quite a fabulous bathroom decorating idea!


Combine Patterns and Pale Tiles

Can’t decide whether you want plain tiles or patterned ones? Why not both? Choose plain tiles for three-quarters of each wall and patterned tiles for the remaining space. You could use the latter to make an interesting border framing the plain tiles. Or, you could create a geometric pattern on the wall, by placing patterned tiles strategically among the plain tiles.


Say It in Lavender

Lavender is a favorite color among designers and you can come up with several fabulous bathroom decorating ideas using this pretty color in coordination with other colors that offset it. The best effect comes with black. Pale lavender floors and walls accentuated with a black toilet, tub, and sink – truly a wonderful look for your bathroom.

So, how do you like my 7 fabulous bathroom decorating ideas? Which of them appeals to you the most? I am more inclined to go with the coastal theme or the lavender theme. While I like the minimalistic look, I prefer to have a liberal dash of color in my home.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these ideas alone. Let your imagination run wild and you are sure to come up with some unique ideas of your own. Had a brainwave yet?

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