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7 Quick and Easy Home Decoration Ideas ...

By Alison

Is your house looking a bit dull? Are you bored with the same old furnishings? Here are some simple and quick tips to brighten up your home.

1 Make a Curtain Headboard

Make a Curtain Headboard I’ve been wanting a bedstead to make my bed look smarter, but haven’t found one I like. Instead, I took a curtain sample I picked up from a home furnishings shop and hung it behind the bed. Very little work involved, and it makes my bedroom look super-smart.

Photo Credit: ArtDecAdeNcE

2 Cover the Sofa

Cover the Sofa Sofa looking a bit shabby? Buy a fabric remnant and toss it over the sofa. I covered my boring (but free) leatherette sofa with a piece of chocolate fake fur I picked up for a couple of euros. No sewing involved and feels lovely to sit on.

Photo Credit: b4be

3 Hang Fabric as Wall Art

Hang Fabric as Wall Art Want a cheap ‘painting’ to spruce up a plain wall? Buy a plain canvas, get a piece of patterned fabric (if you’re like me, you’ll have a stash you’ve been collecting), and staple it round the canvas. Hey presto, a work of art in minutes!

Photo Credit: Mamluke

4 Paint!

Paint! Inherited some bookshelves or tables that you don’t much like? Give them a coat of paint. Don’t worry if the result is a bit rough, just pass it off as a shabby chicfurniture makeover.

Photo Credit: Lynda Sandoval

5 Cover Your Dining Room Chairs

Cover Your Dining Room Chairs Dull dining room chairs? Cover them with some cool fabric. I got hold of some leopard print fake fur and turned my chairs from frightful to fab (yes, someone had deemed it a good idea to cover them in pink material with black spots. My eyes, my eyes!)

Photo Credit: Paulinou

6 Make a Clothesline Art Decor

Make a Clothesline Art Decor Get bored with looking at the same old things? Collect postcards –-- pick them up at market stalls or collect the free advertising cards. Clip them to a piece of string or ribbon, hang it on the wall, and when you get bored simply change them around.

Photo Credit: tisdagsregn

7 Display Interesting Things

Display Interesting Things Make your very own art display. Place found objects on a desk, and arrange them to your satisfaction. You can include anything, swap things when you feel like it --– it’s your own taste that matters.

Photo Credit: dailypoetics

I hope this has inspired you. Do you plan to try any of my ideas? How have you cheered up your own house without spending too much time or money?

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