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10 Tips on Decorating Your Kid's Room ...

By Melanie

As children get older, they want some changes. They no longer want to have Sesame Street, Pooh Bear or Dora the Explorer plastered on their walls. They will be embarrassed if anyone would see that on their walls. We have many decorating tips for adults, so it is time to write a blog on decorating tips for teens and kids.

10 Let Them Pick

Let Them PickPhoto Credit: frillie designs

When you are trying to come up with ideas on the theme, let them pick. When you are trying to come up with ideas on the color, let them pick. This is their room, it is the one place in the home they can escape to in order to get away from everything. It’s where they go to listen to music, make their decisions, think and sleep, so give them some options.

9 Don’t Make It Look Too Childish

You are trying to get away from that childish look, so don’t make it look childish the second time or third time around. Give it a more mature look. Maybe a sophisticated look, if they are a teen.


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8 Make It colorful!

Kids and teens love colorful things. Actually, I think some adults do too, because I love a room that is full of bright colors. Bright colors go together, so don’t be afraid to use them!

7 Matching Themes

Matching ThemesPhoto Credit: pilgrim_lee

Make sure the themes match. If you have Hannah Montana curtains, then opt for a Hannah Montana comforter set on the bed and maybe even a Hannah Montana rug beside the bed.

6 Find out What Your Children like

It is important to find out what your children/teen likes the most before you start decorating. Ask them what their favorite stars are, what their favorite colors are and what styles they like the most.

5 Who is the Stuff for?

Do you plan on letting the teen take the furniture with him or her when they move out or do you plan on putting it in a guest room? This is something you need to consider if you are decorating for a teen.

4 Think “apartment” if You Plan on Letting Them Take the Furniture

Think “apartment” if You Plan on Letting Them Take the FurniturePhoto Credit: ooh_food

When you are decorating for a teen and you plan on letting them take the furniture, then think apartment wise. Put in a desk, armories, bookshelves and entertainment centers. You may even want to add in a flat screen television, if you can afford it and if they love games, make a gaming center!

3 The "ready to Rock" Style

The "ready to Rock" StylePhoto Credit: Martin E. O'Connor

Have you heard of this? This may be something they’d be interested in. You have an open overhead “luggage rack” that has been built by soldering metal pipes together. This creates a lot of storage space. Instead of using a headboard, pile it up with big wedge-shaped back cushions that have been turned sideways in order to give the look of a daybed.

2 Determine the Focal Point

Determine the Focal PointPhoto Credit: M2JL :: STUDIO

Determine what the focal point in the room is going to be. Decide which wall you are going to place the bed on and then arrange other pieces around it. For an unexpected look, angle the bed in a corner, I think it adds a unique look.

1 Don’t Forget about the Nightstand!

On both sides of the bed, put a nightstand and lamp. This is going to add balance to the layout and provide a good place to put water, an alarm clock and books. You may also want to set a bench or a trunk at the foot of the bed. This trunk is going to give a great place to store blankets or sweaters, plus it will make the room look good.

Those are 10 tips on decorating a child or teenagers room. The process may seem hard at first, but once you have everything planned, you’ll enjoy it. It gives a great opportunity to spend time with your kids. What theme are you thinking about?

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