7 Themes for Your Little Boy's Room ...


7 Themes for Your Little Boy's Room ...
7 Themes for Your Little Boy's Room ...

Since both of my children are girls, I never had the chance to design or decorate a little boy’s bedroom, but I imagine doing it all of the time, when a particular piece provides a dose of inspiration. I’ve certainly never considered having another baby for that reason alone, but it is a lot of fun to decorate a little boy’s bedroom in my mind! If you’re the lucky mother of a little boy, and are missing the inspiration, I’d love to share some with you! Here are 7 themes for your little boy’s room.

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Robots Price: $29.00 at potterybarnkids.com
These bookends each feature a retro-inspired robot, crafted from solid wood and painted by hand to finish them. Use these as an inspiration for a robot themed bedroom for your little boy, finished with a corduroy comforter and lots of vintage books… maybe even an old “Lost in Space” poster on the wall!



Sports Price: $26.00 to $159.00 at potterybarnkids.com

Whether your little man is a home-run slugger or burgeoning soccer star, a sports-themed bedroom would be ideal for him! This quilt set features many popular sports, including basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. The colors make it easy to match to other bedroom décor, too!



Surf Price: $49.00 to $59.00 at potterybarnkids.com

Aren’t these surf-themed plaques adorable? They’d make an excellent accent piece for a surf or sea-side inspired theme. Hang them alone, or display them together as the centerpiece of your little boy’s room. Or his playroom!



Dinosaurs Price: $26.50 to $159.00 at potterybarnkids.com

At some point or another, most little boys are fascinated with dinosaurs. Encourage your little boy’s fondness for the prehistoric creatures with a bedroom that’s teeming with them! This quilt set is a good place to start, all brown an green madras plaids with a big brontosaurus marching along.


Planes, Trains, or Automobiles

Planes, Trains, or Automobiles Price: $14.00 to $109.00 at potterybarnkids.com

As much as little boys love dinosaurs, most of them also adore anything that goes, including planes, trains, and automobiles. Use this sheet set as an inspiration piece, and build a transportation-themed bedroom for your little guy… maybe with one of those race car beds?

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Mad about Plaid

Mad about Plaid Price: $7.99 to $119.00 at potterybarnkids.com

Whether you use it as a theme, or just use it to accent another theme, bright gingham checks and other plaids are marvelous for a little boy’s room! This set of sheeting is available in a range of boyish colors, and includes everything he’ll need for his bed.


At the Beach

At the Beach Price: $24.00 to $89.00 at potterybarnkids.com

It’s a swimming frenzy, for these are gentle sharks, not their fierce cousins. These would make a great inspiration piece for your little boy’s room, all in bright primary colors swimming with their fish friends. What a fun way to celebrate summer!

With so many wonderful themes for your little boy’s room, you might have to consider giving him TWO bedrooms, or perhaps a bedroom and a playroom, just so you can use two of them! I love the dinosaurs and the retro-robots… which of these boy’s bedroom themes do you like best?

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