10 Best Worst Colors for Your Office


10 Best  Worst Colors for Your Office
10 Best  Worst Colors for Your Office

Choosing a color for your office has got a lot more to do with simply what color you like or don’t like. It’s not like your preferences don’t matter but you also have to take into account how the color you are surrounded by affects you. Here’s taking a look at the five best and worst colors for your work space. Pay special attention here ‘coz you do spend a lot of time at work, don’t you?

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Magenta is considered to be a rather powerful color since it contains shades of pink, purple, and red. It’s a great color for people who are doing a creative job since it keeps motivation levels high and allows you to stay focused for longer periods of time.


Sunshine Yellow

Although yellow is considered to be a rather peppy and bright color, it does not make for a great choice for your office space. The sheer brightness of the color can irritate you and keep you from concentrating on your deadlines.



If you think gray is too dull and drab a color for the walls, you aren’t alone. Lots of people get turned off by the mention of gray; but the truth remains that gray is a really versatile and easy-to-work-with color. It induces a sense of calm and helps you stay focused on the work at hand. Aesthetic-wise throw in accents of black, white and brown and you will be able to make your workplace come to life.


Bright Pink

No doubt you look great in bright pink but it is not the color you want on the four walls surrounding you at work. It’s too bold, too stimulating, and too distracting. It’s best to reserve pink for your wardrobe, the bedroom or the family room.


Moss Green

You are forgiven for associating moss green with ruined and run down places that are high on humidity and low on appeal. However, moss green is actually quite a productive color. Even though it is restful and soothing in nature it doesn’t make you feel sleepy and brings a warm glow to your office.



Turquoise catches your eye really fast and looks aesthetically appealing but the combination of green and blue is too intense for your work space. For the same reason you should reconsider using colors like sea green or aquamarine in your office.



Beige and off-white are what you would color evergreen colors. Since they are neutral there is no danger of going wrong with them and you can easily pick complementing ornaments, upholstery, and furniture. These colors work especially well for smaller offices since they open up the space and make it look less claustrophobic.


Bold Red

Dramatic as this color might be, bold red and other such shades like cherry red are not a suitable choice for a work space, especially if it happens to be a small one. Bright reds can get on your nerves after a while and also trigger intense feelings such as anger and anxiety.


Pale Blue

Light shades of blue such as sky blue or eggshell blue are among the more soothing and calming colors. They keep you productive and focused. And, when accentuated with cream, navy blue or dark blue décor, they create a rather stunning effect.


Lime Green/Apple Green

Bright greens create an energetic environment and they are also known to boost creativity. However, the trade off is that it can easily distract you from your work and make you feel unsettled. Definitely not a good choice if you are aiming for a soothing and productive work space.

Whether you are aiming to make an office for yourself at home or you are re-decorating your existing work space, you need something that will be a joy to step into any time of the day. In addition, the colors should be soothing without making you feel sleepy, energizing without making you too anxious, and upbeat without being distracting. Sounds like a tall order, but it’s doable. What color are you going to go with for your office?

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Yellow actually promotes intellectual stimulation. People who study or work in rooms that are painted yellow would find it easier to retain information and focus on what they are doing.

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