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9 Disastrous Decorating Trends ...

By Alison

Just like fashion, home décor is subject to changing trends, although it is not quite as fast-moving as fashion. Over the years, there have been a number of decorating trends that may have been popular at the time, but looking back make us shudder with horror. I should know, I remember the 70s. Try these – or rather, don’t …

1 Avocado Bathrooms

Avocado Bathrooms Photo Credit: polychrome

The stuff of which nightmares are made of, avocado bathroom suites were inexplicably popular in the 80s. Fortunately, everyone saw sense eventually and reverted to basic white. Unfortunately, being in a rented flat I am stuck with the 80s avocado horror.

2 Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding Photo Credit: sludgegulper

This is another 80s trend that the US may have escaped, if you’re lucky. Basically, people with perfectly sound brick houses decided that it would be a good idea to cover them with large fake stones. When they decided that they’d made a mistake, the cladding could cause damage to the house when it was removed. And it did not enhance the appearance of any dwelling.

3 Loud Wallpaper

Loud Wallpaper Photo Credit: mkorchia

Look at any family photograph from the 70s, and you will see a truly hideous wallpaper in the background. Don’t forget to find colour photos for the full eye-hammering experience. Nowadays, strong papers are only used for a feature wall, but back in their heyday the whole room was papered with the same print. The result was truly awful, and probably caused severe mental trauma to a generation.

4 Carpets in Bathrooms

Carpets in Bathrooms Photo Credit: Kelly Schott

These are quite common in the UK owing to the cold winters. However, it really isn’t sensible to have carpets in areas where water gets thrown around. I once rented a house that had carpets in the kitchen (imagine how difficult they were to clean). Washable rugs are better for a bathroom.

5 Split Personality

Split Personality Photo Credit:mal.hyams

Not that long ago, it became fashionable to put a fake dado rail halfway down a wall, and paint or paper either side with different colours. Why, I do not know. The same rented house with the carpeted kitchen had this – with pink and blue. I still need therapy.

6 Christmas House

Christmas House Photo Credit: blr60

For some people, a Christmas tree and a wreath on the door just isn’t enough. No, they have to decorate the OUTSIDE of their house with enough bulbs to blow the National Grid, plus plastic santas, reindeer and anything with a vaguely Christmas theme.

7 Patterned Tiles

Patterned Tiles Photo Credit: adampunter

I think this trend has rightly long since disappeared, with just a few hardy bathrooms holding out. Why on earth does a bathroom need the equivalent of patterned wallpaper? You go in there, you shower and you leave. Keep it simple, it’s much nicer.

8 Loud Carpets

Loud Carpets Photo Credit: ≈ ≈ giamarie≈ ≈

Carpets being generally quite expensive, it’s not something you replace frequently (or ever, if you live in a rental). This means that the 70s trend for loud patterned carpets endured well into the 80s, and even beyond. This was outliving its natural lifespan of about 5 minutes. Thank God for the partial disguise that rugs afforded.

9 Textured Wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper Photo Credit:
Thank you, landlords. As I sit here writing this, I look up and see the textured wallpaper that for some strange reason you thought it a good idea to put up. I have to disagree. It’s impossible to paint, it looks hideous and it gets dirty. Just paint the damn walls next time, okay!

Do you remember growing up with any awful decorating trends? Does it seem amazing that anyone ever thought they looked good?

Top Photo Credit: MsBlueSky

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