7 Tips on Making Your Home More Colorful ...


7 Tips on Making Your Home More Colorful ...
7 Tips on Making Your Home More Colorful ...

It's getting pretty grey out there. I think that's one of the reason the dregs of January and February can be so depressing – there's no color out in the world. While everything outside might be comprised of greys and whites and the shades of dirty snow, your house can be vibrant. Here are 7 tips on making your home more colorful.

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Make It Light

Whether it's pulling up the blinds or using lighter colors, this is a great way to brighten up your home. White or beige or pale, pale green might seem boring, but just wait until you see the way it brightens and opens up everything.


Really Go Green

Going green – literally – is a great way to add some color to your home. You can go with literally any shade. I am partial to something like a dark, hunter green carpet, lighter, soft, sea green walls, and accents in mauve or a very light rose. That will not only make a room look larger, it will also make it look bright and cheery on even the dreariest of days. Green in all its variations also looks good all year round.


Be Dramatic

Choose a dramatic color for your central theme – but don't make it too heavy! If the colors in your home are heavy, they'll make you feel that way too. They can suck the energy right out of you! However, you can be dramatic without being too dark or heavy. What about something pink? A mustard yellow, a warm pumpkin orange – the options are limitless!


Throw a Curve Ball

You don't need to paint to add color though. You can add color with literally anything. Want to add some color to your chairs? Get some throw pillows that complement the room with splashes of vibrancy! Want to make your couch less boring? Get an actual throw for it, just toss it over the back! You can find color in curtains, in wall hangings, in lamps and in rugs.


Wrap It up in Warmth

Warm colors can also be bold and vibrant. Let's go back to curtains for a moment. While you don't want to paint in heavy, too dramatic colors, your windows are different than your walls. Curtains aren't permanent, so feel free to go all out with decadent red, dark purple, cobalt blue, or a rich green.


Accentuate the Positive

Maybe all you need is one, single accent wall. You don't have to commit to painting an entire room red or orange or violet. Just one wall will do, but make sure that you use it as a focal point. If you put an accent wall in your living room, make sure you couch is central. If it's in your bedroom, the bed should be central.


Cover up the Old

You don't have to buy new furniture or anything to add some color to your house or apartment. Just try covering up what you've already got. Change the pieces that are already there. Covers for the pillows, covers for the cushions, make your own using pillowcases. You can get really creative here, and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune by any means.

There are tons of ways to add color to your living space, and many of them are incredibly inexpensive. Do you have any tips? What kinds of things do you do yourself, to create color and vibrancy?

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Brown and Peach.

We are going to be repainting our entire house this year and thinking thinking about very light earthy shades. This is great advice.

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