10 Pretty and Affordable Small Storage Items for Your Home ...


10 Pretty and Affordable Small Storage Items for Your Home ...
10 Pretty and Affordable Small Storage Items for Your Home ...

I am not the most organized girl on Earth. I would say I have the potential to be one, though, what with my obsession with small storage solutions. Right now, I am in the middle of a "tin containers hoarding," to the horror of my boyfriend. Thankfully, our nearest Ikea is an expensive plane ride away. Otherwise, I'd already have the following in our small studio apartment:

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Tripp Storage Tin with Lid

Price: $3.99 at ikea
Tripp Storage Tin with Lid A good price for a set of 3 containers that can surely make your kitchen look even more beautiful. If you are one of those people who have an all-white kitchen, these would fit perfectly with your overall design. You can use these to store coffee, tea, sugar packets, etc.


Lingo Clothes Box with Lid

Price: $7.99 at ikea
Lingo Clothes Box with Lid An organized closet is one thing but a pretty AND organized one is completely another. With the help of these boxes, you will immediately get yourself a closet worthy of a design magazine cover.


Dragan 3-piece Bathroom Set

Price: $19.99 at ikea
Dragan 3-piece Bathroom Set A bit pricey but this set is perfect for use in damp spaces. I'm crushing on the minimalist and organic design. This is made of bamboo (a sustainable material), too.


Flaten Storage Tin with Lid

Price: $7.99 at ikea
Flaten Storage Tin with Lid A set of 7! Like I said, I have a weakness for little tin storage products. I don't know why. Now these are incredibly pretty. I am loving the little flowers. One of the small tins can be perfect for a sewing kit that I can carry in my bag.


Lillholmen Jar with Lid

Price: $4.99 at ikea
Lillholmen Jar with Lid This is 5 inches in height and 5 inches in diameter. Methinks at least 6 of these sitting prettily on top of your vanity would make a lovely picture. Perfect for storing cotton balls, hair pins, and other doodads. Also, how pretty is the lid?


Molger Storage Stool

Price: $29.99 at ikea
Molger Storage Stool Now THIS is smart. I have always liked furniture that somehow resemble fruit crates. Again, I don't know why. This stool can be used inside the bathroom since it can withstand high humidity. It is water-resistant and the fabric on top can be easily washed


Malla Clothes Box with Lid

Price: $14.99 at ikea
Malla Clothes Box with Lid We actually have something like this box sold in stores here. Unfortunately, none of the items here look as pretty as this Malla box. The drawer pull detail makes this a perfect storage solution for under your bed or for the topmost part of your closet.


Lingo Magazine File

Price: $2.99 at ikea
Lingo Magazine File Pretty! And great value for your money. For $2.99, you get 4 pieces. This is made of recycled paper, too, so YAY! Big love for Mother Earth and a stylish find for your home. Win-Win.


Yngaren Jar with Lid

Price: $5.99 at ikea
Yngaren Jar with Lid This reminds me of a sea creature. Normally, that is enough to make me hate something but this jar looks too cute to be icky. I like the color and the shape, too. I bet this makes a nice sound when the lid touches the body of the jar.


Yngaren Bottle

Price: $12.99 at ikea
Yngaren Bottle For the price stated above, you get all three bottles. Pair them with the jar I posted above and you got yourself a pretty vanity set.

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loved the 3rd.

I've actually never seen 30 Rock. What is it about?

You know, it's funny how I am really not a hoarder when it comes to anything that needs a container... But I will collect any container that I see, and refuse to let it go. I have a lot of empty containers. :)

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