7 Ways to Go Color Crazy with Your Home ...


7 Ways to Go Color Crazy with Your Home ...
7 Ways to Go Color Crazy with Your Home ...

You know, there are tons of ways to go color crazy with your home. Having vibrant furniture and notice-me pieces in your home can really bring a room to life and add sparks of personality! You may have to adhere to a certain dress code at work, or refrain from using colored pens for your college homework, but there are many methods that allow you to add color to your decor! And they are easy, quick and inexpensive. Don't be afraid to take daring steps. It's summer, so brighten up your living space! No matter how small or large it may be, you can make it look like a rainbow exploded without looking tacky. Here are 7 ways to go color crazy with your home!

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Go Graphic

Don't think you have to stick with just solid colored stuff to have color in a room. That can make the room feel oppressive! Instead, look for vibrant patterns! A striped rug or a polka dotted pillow can do a lot to bring personality into a room that has solid curtains, solid walls and a solid tablecloth. Can't find a patterned item in a color you love? Go with black and white graphic items. They will match any solid, bold color you already have in a room!


Don't Match

Just because colors don't "go" together doesn't mean you can't pair them together anyway. When you use two contrasting colors in the same space-like hot pink and lime green-you bring each one into sharp focus. It creates a very dynamic effect! Don't be afraid to mix more than two colors into a color scheme for a room. Just use your pops of color sparingly. You don't want the room to seem overwhelming!


Add Little Hints

You don't have to make a banging statement with color if you don't think that is your type. But you can still be bold with color in a small ways! Grab a multi-colored set of silverware for the kitchen, bright coasters for the living room and a neon alarm clock for your bedroom. You can set a colorful soap dish in the bathroom and hang a festive wreath on the front door. Those are a few ways to go color crazy with your home-but not TOO color crazy!


Make It Multi-tone

For an attention grabbing, rich effect, show off different shade and texture variations of a rooms dominant hue. Make them bold and in your face! For example, if the main color in a room is blue, do very obvious contrasts such as bright tones and very deep, dark shades of blue. Also incorporate a contrasting color-like red-in very small increments. If it's a dining room for instance, you could paint the chair legs red and use red napkin rings while everything else in the room was white and blue. That's a big way to go color crazy with your home!


Single out One Thing

Singling out one thing in a room can add a whole ton of vibrancy and personality! It's a major way to go color crazy with your home because it makes that one item and color become the entire focus. I love the idea of doing a room in shades of black and gray and having one bright orange or pink item in it, such as a chair or some drapes. You will love the effect and so will all your guests!


Brights Are the New Beige

You always hear that it's a good idea to have beige walls and neutral curtains and furniture, then to add accents of color with pillows and rugs. But for this summer, the opposite rules! Brights are the new beige and a really fun way to go crazy with color. For instance, choose lime green chairs and couches preferably in different shades like light and dark. Then you can hang sheer lime curtains. Finally, accessorize the room with black! A black coffee table, a black floor lamp and a few black and white striped pillows or rugs will pull the room together! You could use any color you desire, but give this new spin a try!


Be Creative

Going color crazy with your home is all about bending and twisting the rules to find something that suits your personality and taste. You don't need to be the craftiest person in the world, but think outside the box and be brave. It's your home after all! If you don't like it, change it! And don't worry about what others think. This is your space and you should have it how you want it.

There are countless ways to go color crazy with your home. I just barely scratched the surface today! I hope I gave you a few fabulous ideas to get started. Now that you've got some basics, what are you waiting for! Its time to go color crazy with your home! But first, do you have any other tips to create a bold, bright room?

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I love pink and green together! I'm a little biased, since those are my school's colors :)

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