7 Tips to Create a Country Style Master Suite ...


7 Tips to Create a Country Style Master Suite ...
7 Tips to Create a Country Style Master Suite ...

A country style bedroom appeals to those that like the coziness, warmth, and casual lifestyle associated with the open countryside. By using rich, earthy tones and neutral colors, a country style décor oozes a sense of simple comfort and gives it an airy feel. If you are interested in bringing a hint of the countryside into your bedroom, use these 7 tips to create a country style master suite. The next time your mother-in-law is in town, you can show off your decorating skills and enjoy the look of absolute amazement on her face.

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The Walls

In the country style décor, walls are generally painted in one main color and excessive use of patterned wallpaper is discouraged. Some colors that look great in a country style bedroom are navy blue, greens and reds; although even white and off-white look really chic.


The Floor

The best sort of floor to create a country style master suite is a hardwood one. But you could choose from other styles of flooring as well, such as slate, brick, stone, and laminate. If changing the floor of your bedroom is not financially feasible, don’t fret. Cover it with a pretty rug that has a rustic feel to it. You could also go in for braided, hooked, knitted, crocheted, or embroidered needlepoint rugs.


The Bed

One of the best tips to create a country style master suite is to haul in an antique-looking four poster bed. The ones that have carved headboards and finials with flower motifs are typical of such a décor. Alternatively, you can make do with iron or brass bedstead as well.


The Windows

Windows in a country style bedroom aren’t meant to be elaborate. Simple lace, muslin, or gingham curtains work great for this style. For those lucky enough to have a stunning view from their bedroom capitalize on it by using natural framed windows that will bring in the sun, the moon, the stars and all the other elements of nature.



Normally when people think of decorative lighting for their bedrooms, the mind wanders towards all things bright and sparkly. Not so in country style bedrooms. Think rustic and take your clues from there. These days you get electric lights that are designed like wall-hung scones for candles. They are a beautiful touch to such a bedroom. In addition, you can have table lamps with bases made from old jugs and earthenware topped with plain shades. For a bit of variety, you could also get lamp shades made from checked or striped fabric.


The Furniture

When it comes to furniture, use a lot of dark and polished wood in your bedroom. Ideally a country style master suite should have ancient looking armoire-style wardrobes. In addition, place a couple of 'high boys' as well as 'lowboys' around the room which can double up as dressing tables or desks. At the foot of the bed place an old sea-trunk that you can use to store the linen or blankets.



And my last tip to create a country style master suite has to do with accessories.There are plenty of accessories you can use to create a country style master suite. Use fresh linen on the bed and top it off with a woven coverlet, patchwork quilt, or a white chenille bedspread. Finally, toss in some lacework or crochet cushions. On the walls display artwork with simple themes like country scenes and prints of fruits and flowers. If you want to get innovative you could even frame needlework samplers or some rustic looking folk art. For the rest of the room, display jugs, vases with simple designs, and baskets filled with garden flowers.

Once you get started, there’s virtually no end to the number of tips you can come up with yourself to create a country style master suite. Leaf through magazines, surf the net, brainstorm ideas with friends, and let your creativity flow. I guarantee you are going to end up with a bedroom your girlfriends will end up copying for sure. How proud are you going to be then?

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