17 Tips on Creating a Home Bath Spa ...

With our busy lifestyles it's not always practical to run off to the ****spa when we need a mini retreat for ourselves...

That's why **bring the spa experience into our own homes **could be a great solution for us, busy girls!

If you have access to a bathtub, then you have all it takes to create your own mini home spa!

Read on to see how you can create your mini beauty oasis with these easy 17 tips...****

Schedule Your Home Spa ...

A key component to this is planning your home spa experience in advance.

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Tip #1.

Schedule time in your busy agenda for you, and stick to it. Set aside a minimum of one hour, but as you understand, the more time you can give it, the better!

If you like the experience, don't forget to schedule it into your weekly or monthly planner and you will be amazed at what it can do for your soul and body...

Tip # 2.

Don't forget to get all the supplies you need beforehand.

Tip # 3.

Make sure that you have the place to yourself or, at minimum, that the place is quiet. Ask people in your home to give you some privacy.

Tip # 4.

If you have a friend or roommate that is open to helping set it up for you so you can just walk into the scene and enjoy, all the better!
Set the Spa Scene ...

Tip # 5.

** Fill the tub** with tolerably hot water before your grand entrance.

Tip # 6.

**** Use natural sea salts, essential oils or any other bath products that you enjoy.

Tip # 7.

**** Light the room with the natural light of candles, including the edge of the tub.

Tea lights are perfect as they are small and fit the application perfectly.**Tip # 8.**

** **Fluff up several towels in the dryer and have them warm and ready. This should be done minutes before you enter the bathroom.

Tip # 9.

Fresh cut fruit adds a fresh scent as well as has a cooling effect in your mouth as you relax in the steamy water.

Strawberries, grapes or melons are a good choice, choose a fruit that you enjoy and don’t often treat yourself to.

Tip # 10.

** **Some would prefer to enjoy a good glass of wine in this environment while others may prefer a cool glass of water or a fresh squeezed juice.

Tip # 11.

** The sense of smell is also very powerful in the relaxation process so use **products with scents that you enjoy and associate with peace and relaxation.

Tip # 12.

**** Fresh flowers are also very fragrant and can add a nice touch. Some even prefer to add the petals to the water before entering the tub.

Tip # 13.

** Choose some **soothing background music that will not overtake the room, but rather help create that spa feel (check out 40 Best Romantic Songs for This Winter for the great tunes...)

Tip # 14.

**** Another powerful prop that can be used to help you unwind and relax is a table top fountain. The soothing sounds of running water are powerful.

Most luxury spas have incorporated a waterfall or indoor fountain to some degree into their spa experience. Indoor table top fountains are the prefect prop to gain the same effect.

Tip # 15.

**** Put on a face mask and a hair mask while you are in the tub. It might be a great time to try some home-made recipes you never tried before! Like these 5 Home-Made Face Masks for Winter Skin Care...

For the best result put two slices of cucumber on your eyes. They will reduce the puffiness and the dark circles around your eyes (read 5 Tips on How to Get Rid of under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness...).

Tip # 16.

**** At the end of your Spa experience, use your favorite body scrub and don't forget to put on some body lotion and face moisturizer to sooth your skin.

Tip # 17.

****If you still have some time to spare, you might consider giving yourself a manicure and a pedicure! Or at least change your nail polish color to the hue you've never tried before...
Things You Need for Home Bath Spa:
• Bathtub (naturally :)
• Towels
• Robe
• Slippers
• Soothing music
• Fresh flowers
• Essential oils
• Candles
• Fresh Fruit, Water or Wine
• Face mask, hair mask
• Body scrub
• Body lotion and face moisturizer
• Nail care set and a nail polish

You probably have all of these things at home already, which means your magic Spa experience can start at any time!

The success of your home spa experience is truly based on you and your creativity. So just feel free to add anything that will make you happy! That's what Spas are truly for! ;)

About the Author: Tracy Epp has been captured by the allure and calming effect of the sights and sounds of moving water. Premium Indoor Fountains.com was born from this shared fascination with her husband. The web site is devoted to help others explore the many benefits available to the average home owner through incorporating an indoor waterfall fountain into daily life and within common living spaces.

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