7 Organizing Tips for Your Bathroom ...


7 Organizing Tips for Your Bathroom ...
7 Organizing Tips for Your Bathroom ...

Is it easy to find things in your bathroom or does it take forever to dig through all the drawers and cabinets in order to find what you want? Bathrooms are frequently the most cluttered room in the house and as such, the hardest to navigate. Isn’t it about time you did something about the bathroom; something drastic like organizing it and making things easy to find? It isn’t really all that difficult to organize the bathroom; here are a few helpful tips to get you started. Here are 7 organizing tips for your bathroom.

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Obtain two boxes sufficient in size to hold everything from the bathroom. Collect everything from shelves, drawers, cabinets and countertop; everything includes toothbrushes, soap, prescriptions etc. Don’t leave anything in the bathroom.



Mark one box as “KEEP” and the other as “MAYBE”. If there is room in the boxes for you to sort, do it. Otherwise, dump everything from the boxes and sort appropriately as you fill the boxes.



Toss any products that have passed their expiration date. Throw out old make-up as it is a prime source of bacteria. Dispose of old prescriptions and OTC medications; pharmacists suggest crushing the medication and throwing it in your garbage; flushing it may allow it into an aquifer. Toss any old razors and scissors that may have become rusted. Basically, throw out anything you don’t use or don’t need.



Every surface in the bathroom should be cleaned as well as everything you have placed in the box to keep. Clean everything in the bathroom including shelves, counter tops, cabinets, drawers and don’t forget the shower curtain. Make sure all surface are dry by wiping with a clean, dry towel.



Begin by putting essential items back in the bathroom; only keep the items you use frequently or you feel are necessary. Place items in the bathroom until you either run out of items or run out of space.


Gain Storage

If you run out of storage before you have put all essential items in the bathroom, there are many methods for increasing storage pace. Wall mounted hair dryer and curling iron brackets are perfect for keeping these appliances off the counter. A shower caddy holds all the shower items handily and keeps them off side of the tub. Hooks on the inside of the bathroom door are great for hanging robes, towels or clothing. Brightly colored mesh bags hanging on the walls provide easy access and extra space for frequently used items.


Install Cabinets

If your bathroom features ample wall space, install additional cabinets to provide more storage. Cabinets are available in all sorts of styles and sizes; many are specifically made for bathroom installation.

Bathrooms can be the source of frustration, especially when they are disorganized and cluttered. De-stress this room by organizing it; this may mean tossing some items you thought you had to have but never used. Be prepared to toss the junk and reclaim the room! What is the strangest thing you found when organizing your bathroom?

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