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7 Reasons to Clean Your Bathroom ...

By Rebecca

So scrubbing the bathroom isn’t exactly fun, girls, but it’s absolutely something that needs to be done. There are about a million reasons why it’s a good idea to get work on yours right away – even if you think it’s as clean as it should be – and I made a list of them to get you inspired. Here it is, ladies: 7 reasons to clean your bathroom.

1 You’re Bored

If you’ve got nothing to do, and nothing else that needs doing, why not be a little productive and get to work on that bathroom? Only good can come of it girls, and you’ll congratulate yourself afterwards so get scrubbing; you won’t regret it.

2 Living with Grime is Not Fun

If, by some chance, you haven’t taken the disinfectant around your bathroom recently girls, you can’t be feeling great when you’re taking a shower. In your own bathroom, you should be able to touch the taps without total germ-overload and if you can’t, it’s absolutely time to get out the mop. Don’t put yourself through misery, ladies, just get scrubbing: you’ll feel a million times better when the floors and fittings are sparkling again.

3 The Obvious Health Hazard

Clearly, ladies, a grimy bathroom is not good for your health. Germs accumulate over time and in the place where you keep your tooth-brush, this really isn’t cool. I’m absolutely not suggesting we should all become total germ-phobic – a little bit of bacteria help to maintain our immune systems – but if your bathroom goes un-scrubbed for longer than it should then chances are it might become a risky place to be.

4 Mildew Matters

Bathrooms are damp places by definition and so often mould and mildew accumulate on the walls and ceilings. Too much of this can trigger allergies and respiratory difficulties so it’s important that you clean you bathroom regularly to get rid of these little fungi.

5 Aesthetics

A grimy bathroom is not attractive. Smeared mirrors, cloudy taps and toothpaste stains in the sink: it hardly paints a pretty picture! But, ladies, a little surface cleaner, some disinfectant and a wipe down here and there, and voila! Sparkling pine-freshness is restored. Get to it girls; you won’t regret it!

6 A Grubby Bathroom is an Embarrassment

If visitors drop by unexpectedly and your bathroom is in a disgusting state you’re going to be embarrassed; there’s no two ways about it. Avoid the humiliation of your friends thinking you’re an unhygienic slop by simply making one day a week bathroom cleaning time.

7 Surprisingly, It’s a Great Workout

Weirdly enough, girls, cleaning your bathroom can be a really great work out. And this is a fab incentive to get you doing it vigorously and with enthusiasm. In fact, if you a put a little though into it, the whole cleaning process can become a gym substitute: bonus! Clean your bathroom and get to skip the free-weights for that day!

So there we go, girls, 7 reasons to clean your bathroom today. Can you think of any other great incentives to get scrubbing? Let me know; I’d love to hear them!

Top Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

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