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Look under your kitchen sink. Is it cluttered with dozens of cleaning products? Most of us have one thing for cleaning the bathroom, another for the kitchen, a degreaser, floor cleaner, window cleaner … However many products you have, have you ever given any thought to what effect they have on you and the environment? Here are some strong reasons for switching to eco-friendly products.

1. Environment

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It’s very easy to forget that all the products we use end up polluting the environment. Either they end up in the water system, or in the atmosphere. So giving up existing products in favour of more environmentally-friendly alternatives makes a really positive contribution to reducing contamination and improving our surroundings.

2. Animal-Friendly

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As I have cats in my home, I don’t like to use strong chemical products. So wherever possible, I prefer to use natural or eco alternatives. If you have a garden, eco-friendly versions of pest control will also avoid harming useful insects, unlike chemical products.

3. More Pleasant

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Personally I can’t stand the smell of most cleaning products, and find that the eco-friendly versions have a much more pleasant aroma. I even make my own air freshener with a few drops of essential oil (NOT perfume oil) in a small spray bottle of water. Lovely – and not at all harmful!

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Although some eco-friendly products can be expensive, recently I have noticed that mainstream supermarkets are starting to stock them. The prices are pretty reasonable as well. So why not spend those extra cents or pennies and buy a product that is better for the environment?

5. Conscience

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Sometimes it seems so futile even trying to do your bit for the planet, what with the amount of large-scale pollution that goes on, and the indifference of many people towards caring for the environment. This can lead to a sense that it’s not worth trying. However, if you do something, however small, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something.

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I've already discussed pets, but if you have children you want their environment to be as safe as possible. Since with kids around you’re forever cleaning up, then using eco products could well be beneficial for them.

7. Less Toxic

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Have you ever used a cleaning product and found that it makes you feel ill? I bought a cleaning spray from a supermarket once, and had to get rid of it, as it gave me a headache. That makes me wonder what we’re breathing in …

8. Encouragement

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Obviously, products cost more if they don’t sell in high quantities. So the more that people buy eco-friendly products, the more that manufacturers will recognise the demand. More products will become available and at cheaper prices.

Are you an eco-diehard? Do you like old-fashioned methods for cleaning? Or is it something you’ve never thought about before?

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