7 Reasons to Love Traveling ...


7 Reasons to Love Traveling ...
7 Reasons to Love Traveling ...

I always thought that traveling is fun. In fact, I can come up with different reasons as to why it is so fun. Right now, I am going to give you 7 reasons to love traveling. In the end, I want you to tell me why you enjoy traveling so much.

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It’s Romantic

I believe that traveling can have a romantic touch to it when you are doing it with someone you love. There is nothing like riding in the car with the one you love next to you. There are many conversations spoken while going down the road – just make sure you drive safe.


See New Things

I like seeing new things. This is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling so much. I am a very adventurous girl. When traveling, I always come across new adventures. I especially love places that have lots of woods and rivers.


Learn about Other Cultures

Another reasons I believe traveling is fun would be because you get to learn different things about other cultures. You will be surprised at how other cultures are. They are always interesting. Take a look at India and compare it with America – they do things differently. I have always wanted to travel to India as well as Bangladesh.


Meet New People

When you are traveling, you will get a chance to meet new people. You are definitely going to find some friendly folks out there.


Get to Take Cool Pictures

When you are traveling, you definitely have to make sure you take lots of pictures. This way, you will always have them. You could even create a flickr account online and share them with the world. You may even consider making a blog to show everyone.


No Household Chores

Many enjoy the fact that they do not have any household chores when they are traveling. They have people come in to clean up the mess each morning or every two days. As for me, personally, I never leave a mess behind, even if I do not plan on going back to the hotel. I like to take my own garbage and I even like stripping the sheets off of the bed for the housekeepers – it helps make their job easier. Yet, I still like how I don’t have dishes to do.


The Memories

Most of all, traveling is fun because you get to have those memories. Sure, the trip may only last a couple of days, but those memories are going to last forever – you may want to create a scrapbook so that you can share them when you are older. Also, I like to do this just in case I ever lose my memory.

There you have 7 reasons to love traveling. People enjoy traveling for different reasons. So, what about you, why do you enjoy traveling?

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i got 2 see the capital building wen i went 2 washington dc with a church group for the right 2 life march.. It wus fun 2 go sightseeing even tho our main objective was 2 protest abortion... Hey you should write an article about the evils of abortion... Plz?

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