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8 Ways to Stay Beautiful While Traveling ...

By Jennifer

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, you want to stay as gorgeous on the road (or in the air) as you do at home, right? But how to keep a clear complexion and glowing skin miles from home? Here, my dear, are 8 ways to stay beautiful while traveling.

1 Rest up!

Sleepy eyes are puffy and swollen. Sleepy skin looks dehydrated, and, well, tired. Avoid these skin woes by getting your rest, even on the road! Sleep while on the plane or train, and make sure you get your eight hours beauty rest, no matter what! It’s important to be well-rested to stay beautiful while traveling.

2 Pack the Essentials

Pack the Essentials I know you want to pack light, but to stay gorgeous while traveling, you’ll want to bring all of your basics, like make-up, moisturizer, and cleanser, at least. It doesn’t hurt to bring one of your favorite pick-me-up masks, too.

3 Don’t Forget the Sunblock

Don’t Forget the Sunblock Unless you’ll be traveling to the Arctic Circle, you’ll want to bring sunblock with you to stay beautiful while traveling. If you don’t want to pack it, then remember to buy it once you reach your (hopefully) sun-filled destination.

4 Drink Plenty of Water

Keep yourself and your skin well-hydrated while traveling, or you’ll pay the price with tired-looking, puffy, and generally parched skin. Keep a bottle of potable water with you everywhere you go, and sip from it now and again to keep hydrated and pretty.

5 Moisturize on the Plane

Moisturize on the Plane I’m sure there’s a very scientific explanation for why the air on airplanes is so dry, but the bottom line is, make sure you bring a good moisturizer to use on the plane. Bring one for your hands and one for your face, and you’ll be the best-looking babe on the flight!

6 Don’t Stress

So your plane’s half an hour late, and your luggage ended up in the Bahamas while you’re in Brazil. As ridiculous as this advice might sound, try to keep as stress-free as possible to stay beautiful while traveling. Your luggage can be replaced, but once those worry-line wrinkles set in, and those hive break-out, there’s no stopping them. Yoga, anyone?

7 Bring Your Own Pillow

Bring Your Own Pillow Hotel and plane pillows are flat as pancakes. They might even actually BE pancakes! So you might rest easier, and actually be more gorgeous, if you being your own pillow. Studies have shown that using the right pillow for your sleep habits can reduce and prevent wrinkles… what could be more beautiful than that?

8 Get a Spa Facial!

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No matter where you’re traveling (unless it’s the Arctic Circle again), there’s bound to be a wonderful spa there, just waiting to give you the seaweed wrap, hot stone massage, or deep-cleaning facial you’ll need to stay beautiful while traveling. Book your appointment when you book your travel, and you won’t be sorry!

With so many other things to remember for your trip, don’t forget to print this list and consult it while packing… or better yet, bring it with you, too! Which of these beauty and skin care tips do you use to stay beautiful while traveling? Or do you have another tip to share that I might have forgotten?

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