7 Reasons to Love Norway ...


7 Reasons to Love Norway ...
7 Reasons to Love Norway ...

I would totally go back to Norway if I had the chance again. It was one of the best times in my life and I’m so glad that I got to share it with my oldest son. We made great friends and have tons of marvelous memories to last the rest of our lives. Here are my 7 reasons to love Norway. I’m sure part of the love I feel for this country derives from my Norwegian ancestry, but seeing it all first-hand truly enhanced this feeling.

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The Longest Road Tunnel is Located in Norway

The Longest Road Tunnel is Located in Norway Photo Credit: totnesmonster

It is actually called the Lærdal Tunnel and it is more than 15 miles long. This lengthy tunnel runs between Oslo and Bergen. It is also one of the few tunnels that don’t have a toll attached to it, which I was glad about! Every three miles or so, there is a wide opening that is sort of cave-like. This is an area that people can stop in and take a rest if needed. I liked seeing the blue lights located around the ceiling in these cave-like sections, but didn’t feel the need to get out and smell the car exhaust that had accumulated in it. It was a neat tunnel to drive through!


Northern Lights

Northern Lights Photo Credit: Joar André

The northern lights are best when seen right above the Arctic Circle. There are other places in Norway where the mystical green swirling lights can be seen dancing across the sky. I saw these same green lights when I lived in Northern Wisconsin, but they seemed to be so much brighter in Norway and have more movement.


24 Hrs of Daylight

24 Hrs of Daylight Photo Credit: kaimp

The summertime might be a difficult time for people who don’t know how to adjust to having 24 hours of daylight, but I thought it was great fun! There’s nothing like kayaking on the fjord at midnight in broad daylight. As long as you have dark curtains or an eye mask you can put on during the evening, you’ll have no problem convincing yourself it’s time to head to bed.


Stave Churches

Stave Churches Photo Credit: jarud

These medieval churches are made of wood and have some of the most intricate carvings I’ve ever seen. Not only are the carvings noticed on the doorways upon entering these beautiful wooden churches, but also in the rafters, around windows and doors, as well as in the furniture inside the church, or kirke, as they are called in Norway. The roofs are also usually coated with tiny wooden shingles that are of a diamond shape. These buildings are truly works of art.


The Fjords

The Fjords Photo Credit: mattrkeyworth

These waterways formed by glacial activity create a fantastic area for exploration. Ferries cross from one side to the other to cut down on the time it takes to drive all the way around the fjord itself. There are many boat excursions that allow people to relax and enjoy the sights while taking tons of pictures of the magnificent scenery. Fjords are the best location for paddling a kayak in as well, since many of the more narrow ones have sheltered areas that are easier to paddle in than the open ocean.



Feigefossen Image source: s3.amazonaws.com

This waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Norway out of all the free-falling waterfalls. I think I’m partial to this one because I spent a lot of time here. A good friend of mine lived in the little house near the base of the waterfall that can be seen in a lot of the pictures and we had many wonderful moments there. I’m glad my son was old enough to be able to remember his time spent playing in this magnificent waterfall.



Glaciers Photo Credit: Phil Blackburn

The largest glacier in all of continental Europe can be found in Norway. It is called Jostedalsbreen. The water running from this glacier into the Sognefjord is a gorgeous pale blue and I’m not sure what to compare the color to. Maybe pale blue beach glass. The water is such beautiful blue, but there is a milky overtone to the color. The frigid glacial waters from this particular glacier ran right into part of the fjord I lived along.

I was only able to visit a small portion of Norway when I was there. These 7 reasons to love Norway mostly involve places and things I was actually able to visit or witness. I hope if you ever have the opportunity to visit Norway that you will jump on it! What reasons would you want to visit Norway?

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