7 Reasons Call of Duty Rocks ...


7 Reasons Call of Duty Rocks ...
7 Reasons Call of Duty Rocks ...

Though I normally only play RPG’s, I have to admit I’ve been sucked into the Call of Duty series. It’s bloody violent, wickedly gory, and utterly addicting. What is it about this series of games (7 in total) that makes it so fantastic? Here are 7 reasons Call of Duty rocks…

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The Game Play

The plots and missions are extensive and deep, some with actual real historical background. The game play is intense, and rewarding, in a way most first-person shooters are not. I loved the game play in the first Medal of Honor game, but the game play in the CoD series may be even better.


The Characters

Myself, I’m partial to Captain Price and "Soap" MacTavish, but almost all of the characters in CoD are marvelous, with excellent voice acting (including Avatar’s Sam Worthington). I love the foul language, the grit, and the humor written into the characters. I’m so glad they bring some of them back, title after title!


The Weapons!

Let’s face it: in real life, very few of us will ever have the chance to be in the same room with a Gewehr 43 or even an AK-47, not to mention actually firing them. As an occasional marksman, I love being able to blow things to smithereens with exotic or historically-significant weapons. It’s fun, and I’m never going to get a chance to do it in real life.


The Modes

Play by yourself, or co-op with, or even fight against, a friend. Play offline or online. Basically, play any way you like! There are several modes of play available, so every kind of gamer will have the kind of experience they want.


The Soundtrack

I hate to say it, but the sound effects and soundtrack in the CoD series are amazingly good. It’s more than just the sound of shots, or of blood splattering, or of the grunts and groans of dying Nazis and Russians. Everything sounds realistic… I wonder who did the sound effects?

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

The Graphics

As realistic and interesting as the sound effects are, they would mean little if the environments, characters, and weapons weren’t also as richly detailed. With the release of each of the installments in the franchise came better and better graphics, pushing the limits of what the consoles themselves could do.


One Word: Zombies

The zombies in the “leisure” mode of CoD World at War were so popular, they brought them back as an unlockable feature in the newest game, Black Ops. There’s something incredibly fun about blasting zombies (Nazi zombies, no less) to kingdom come. Trust me… there are some people who play the zombies part of the game more than the actual game itself. They say it’s great for stress relief.

See? CoD rocks. These are just the reasons I like the games, and I’m sure other gamers will have their own reasons why. Have you played any of the Call of Duty games? What did you think?

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I agree. Black Ops is very bad compared to awesome MW2. Plus, Soap's hot-- er, inspiring, and Price is experienced.

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