7 Reasons I Enjoy Auctions ...


7 Reasons I Enjoy Auctions ...
7 Reasons I Enjoy Auctions ...

Auctions are a lot of fun, even if you aren't interested in bidding on anything. I've been going to auctions for many years. It all started when I was very young and my parents would attend auctions, in hope of finding something super cool. Today, my husband and I attend the occasional auction just for fun. Here are 7 reasons I enjoy auctions.

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You Never Know What You Will Find

The best types of auctions are estate sales. These are generally very large and they have tons of stuff being sold off. There are random boxes full of who-knows-what that go for extremely low prices. You never know what type of rare item you will find in these boxes that were dug out of the basement.


Auctions Are a Great Way to Pass Time

There really isn't a whole lot to do around here at times. Saturday morning auctions are an excellent way to pass the day. It's best when two or three auctions are going on in the same day. Since this is such a small town, the auctions are usually hosted by the same auctioneer. When he is pressed for time, he will have at least two auctions in the same day; one in the morning and the other in the evening.


Items Are Sold at Very Low Prices

The ability to buy a lot of items for very little money is always a huge draw. It is one of the main reasons people attend auctions. They are hoping to buy something they really need without shelling out tons of cash. I generally look around at the items being auctioned off and have a set price in my head that I'm willing to pay. Usually the bids remain low, unless lots of people seem to be interested in the same box of stuff.


Seeing Friends at Auctions is Always Possible

Some of my friends don't make it out much, but they very rarely miss out on an auction. I like being able to chat with friends while I wait for an item of interest to be up for bid. It's sort of like shopping with friends, but you don't have to fight traffic or deal with the craziness of frantic shoppers bustling around the mall. Auctions are a fantastic way to catch up on what's new with old friends.


Auctions Can Be Very Educational Too

I've been to auctions where strange items are being sold. There are things that I don't have any clue as to what they are or could possibly be used for. I've gathered more knowledge about farm tools, kitchen appliances, and many vintage machines than I could ever imagine possible. All of this knowledge is due to the fact that I like to attend auctions.


Meeting New People is a Bonus

People who read about an auction generally know what types of items are going to be sold there before they show up to place bids. Most people won't attend an auction if they aren't interested in anything being sold off. Chances are, just about everyone who shows up for a particular auction has something in common. Friendships are started by talking to other people who are also digging through the items up for bid.


It Doesn't Cost Anything to Attend an Auction

Talk about cheap entertainment! There's no entry fee for an auction. You don't have to pay for parking. The only cost you will have to figure in is the fuel it takes to drive to where the auction is being held. People can hang out at an auction all day and not spend a single dime.

These 7 reasons I enjoy auctions are what keep me attending these social events each weekend. I never get tired of going to an auction. Even if I look over the list of items to be sold and nothing seems to stand out and grasp my attention, I usually still find something that is interesting. So many treasures can be collected from auctions. Have you been to many auctions over the years? What got you interested in attending them?

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I end up buying unnecessary in auctions so i dont go there anymore.

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