7 Reasons to Go on Vacation to Florida ...


7 Reasons to Go on Vacation to Florida ...
7 Reasons to Go on Vacation to Florida ...

Each state is well known for at least one thing. Taking a vacation to a particular state usually derives from an interest in seeing certain sites. Florida is one of those places that is large enough to have all sorts of reasons for visiting it. I have a few family members that make a trip to Florida every year. If you are looking for a new place to visit, here are 7 reasons to go on vacation to Florida.

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Extreme Go-karts

Xtreme Indoor Karting is perfect for getting the adrenalin pumping. Go-karts that reach speeds of 45 mph can be driven on the half-mile indoor track. This means that rain or shine, you can enjoy go-karting at its finest. There are also 120 interactive arcade games to choose from. These go-karts are speedy enough that you have to wear a helmet when driving them.


Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Photo Credit: MadGrin

Guests can enjoy the sights, sounds, and physical sensation of an actual launch in a space shuttle. The best part is that guests don’t have to go through all the painstaking training that an actual astronaut is required to complete. Scheduled guest appearances by different astronauts are set throughout the year. This is a great way to meet and talk to a real live astronaut and ask anything you’ve ever wondered about.


Take a Tour of the Naval Aviation Museum

Pensacola is where this museum is located. There are plenty of exhibits and collections to view, a motion based simulator, air combat simulators, cockpit trainers, and people can even watch the Blue Angels practice. The IMAX Theater at the museum has a variety of movies available for viewing.


Visit the Everglades

An alligator farm is located in the everglades where a 14 foot alligator is said to live. Who wouldn’t have a blast zooming through the everglades on an airboat and seeing approximately 2000 alligators! There are other boat tours available and the possibility of seeing flamingos in the wild is extremely high.


Universal Studios

Anyone who is a fan of the movies and all the excellent special effects seen in them is likely to enjoy a visit to Universal Studios in Orlando. There are two theme parks with multiple rides at each park. Live shows packed with action, fantasy, dancing, and comedy are suitable for all ages. Many of the shows offer a behind-the-scenes look at the movie industry.


Sea World

Sea World Photo Credit:shyzaboy

Seeing shows where seals and killer whales are the main actors are only some of what can be accomplished with a visit to Sea World. There are also some excellent water rides, marine life exhibits, and up-close tours involving animals that most people have only gotten to see in pictures. I recommend attending one of the many special events held at various times of the year. Granted, there will be a lot more people in the park during this time, but it will be an adventure!


Disney World

Disney World Photo Credit: mattlogelin

What person hasn’t thought about visiting Florida just to see Disney World? I remember wanting to go there as a child and my parents were always very hesitant about taking me. It wasn’t until I got older and had children of my own that I realized why they were leery about taking me to this wondrous place. I always feared for my children’s safety and worried constantly about something happening to them. I later found out that my parents had the same fears when I was a child.

If these 7 reasons to go on vacation to Florida aren’t enough, then maybe visiting one of the many beaches might be what you are looking for. There are tons of fantastic beaches, scuba diving, and other water-oriented events in Florida as well. I would love to spend a month and explore the many sites I’ve mentioned above. Have you ever vacationed in Florida? What activities did you do while you were there?

Top Photo Credit: Igor Oliveira

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