7 Reasons to like Puzzle Games ...


I like online puzzle games the best, but I also have a good time going through the puzzle book I keep next to the bed at night. No matter how tired I am, I can always seem to squeeze in at least one puzzle before I nod off to sleep. Here are my 7 reasons to like puzzle games. Feel free to add your own reasons in the comment section if you are a big fan of puzzle games too!

7. They Can Be Educational and Fun at the Same Time

A fantastic assortment of online puzzle games can be found that actually teach you something while you are playing. It might be something subtle or it could be a fact that you feel the urge to pass on to others. I have yet to meet anyone who plays puzzle games because they aren’t fun. Who would do that? Why torture yourself? If I’m not enjoying myself, then I don’t play the game.

6. You Can De-stress While Playing Them

For some reason, I find it very relaxing when I have to rack my brain for an answer to a puzzle game. It gives me time to think quietly on my own. I’m sort of sucked into my own little world. It’s very nice!

5. They Are Good Clean Fun and Usually No Great Skill is Required

Granted, the part about not requiring skills doesn’t pertain to all puzzle games. I have come across a few that I had to eventually give up on because I found it too frustrating to continue. Most online games start you off slowly so that you can build up your skill level, which makes the game easier to play. There usually isn’t any violence involved in puzzle games either so the kids can be in the same room when you are playing.

4. Many Can Be Played Anywhere

I take a small book of puzzle games with me when I travel. This book has saved me from many hours of would-be boredom. The puzzle games included in this book cover a broad range, which makes it easier to find something to suit the mood I’m in at the time. Handheld gaming devices often have puzzle games that don’t need an internet connection to play. I know my phone even has a couple, which I find very convenient!

3. You Can Challenge Friends

There are a couple of puzzle games online where friends of mine can log in as well and we try to see who can get the higher score. This can be tons of fun if you have lots of friends involved.

2. They Make Time Fly by

Puzzle games tend to help me pass the time much better than reading a book. It seems that the more my brain is occupied, the faster the time goes. I recommend having a book of puzzle games with you at all times. Stick one in the car, put one in your book bag or purse, or make sure your cell phone is equipped with one that you won’t get bored with.

1. They Keep Your Brain Sharp

I know there has been research done on people who continue to read well into their elderly years and how beneficial it is for the brain. But, I think playing puzzle games has the same effect. I know I feel like I think better and faster when I have a couple of puzzles completed. I feel super smart when I conquer a few puzzle games in a record amount of time.

These are just my 7 reasons to like puzzle games. I’m amazed at the variety out there. I often wonder how people come up with the assortment available today. What type of puzzle games do you enjoy playing?

Top Photo Credit: Nic Temby