7 Reasons Why It Feels Good to Be a Grownup ...


7 Reasons Why It Feels Good to Be a Grownup ...
7 Reasons Why It Feels Good to Be a Grownup ...

Being a grownup and having all those responsibilities and troubles that go hand in hand with living a life of an average person pretty much sucks at times. I often wish I could go back to being six again with only one concern on my mind – will my mom let me stay outside and play despite the fact that it’s getting dark outside. Teenage years were also cool, liberal parents, partying every weekend, no curfew and all I had to do is make sure I have good grades, stay out of trouble and be honest about where and with whom am I going out with. Good memories indeed but, although I like to remember them and even wish I could go back and relive some of them, there’s nothing that makes me more motivated to keep moving forward than knowing who I am now. Yup, being a grownup does have its good sides…plenty of them. So here’s what I like most about it:

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Better Relationship with Siblings

When we are kids we kind of see our little brothers and sisters as the “little screaming brats that popped out of nowhere and stole out spotlight”. Older siblings are also a loathed category as they always boss us around. Luckily, when you grow up, you realize how cool your siblings really are and embrace the fact that, although they have their “crazy bugs”, they are the closest family members you’ll ever have.


Financial Independence

Not having to ask your parents for money feels great, you have to admit that. I mean, is there anything better than being able to say, “Come on, mom, I’m taking you out for lunch.” You finally have enough money to buy all those birthday presents you couldn’t afford when you were a teen and you don’t have to beg your parents to buy you that gorgeous pair of shoes you obviously don’t need. You can pay your own phone bills and, as a financially independent person, you always have a choice between moving out and being totally independent or staying at home and showing that you’re not a kid anymore by chipping in when it’s time to pay the bills.


More Experience

You choose your friends and partners more wisely and know exactly what you do and do not want. It may look like you’re becoming petty at first but, if you look at the big picture, you’ll realize you’re just being rational. But that’s not all! As a grownup, you know how to act in different situations and interact with different types of people. Clever ones can still fool you, but not for a long time!


Understanding That You Still Have a Lot to Learn

When you turn 18, you think you know everything. By the time you turn 25, you realize “everything” is much bigger than you’ve imagined. Thirties are great because you finally know when it’s your turn to talk and when you should just shut up and listen. Forties and fifties will give you the opportunity to pass your knowledge and experience on your kids and grandkids as well as learn new things. But, an 18 year-old me would never go into discussing all this. Why? Because an 18 year-old me just couldn’t accept the fact that she isn’t always right!


Better Style

I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in one of the outfits I wore when I was 17. Seriously – What was I thinking? Having enough common sense to pick my outfits a little bit more carefully is definitely one of the pros of being a grownup. You start dressing up to look good for yourself instead of “dressing down” to look like a girl guys would stare at. And, surprisingly, you learn that not showing a lot of skin can be just as sexy as putting it all out there.



Having things you need to do and places you need to be at make you a better person. It is hard and it often sucks but it teaches you to appreciate all the good things in life. How would you feel the joy of success if you never tried to get anything done? Would you appreciate lazy Sundays if every day was a lazy Sunday?


You Are Stronger

Evil comments have always been painful for me and they still are. Only now, I’m not ready to let my tears show. Why? Because I won’t give anybody the satisfaction of seeing that I’m hurt. A back stabber is not a true friend, end of story, moving on. Getting over a break up will be hard, but I’ve done it before so, moving on. I didn’t get that job? Okay, I’ll keep working on getting the next one. Yup, all these things are sad and hard to deal with but they are not as tragic as they seemed years ago so as we grow up, we learn to handle them easier and get back on our feet faster.

Don’t be afraid to grow up ladies, but always keep a little bit of that childish playfulness and charm – it’s going to make you a better adult. Which part of your life do you prefer the most – teenage period or adulthood?

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