7 Reasons Why You Should Pray ...


7 Reasons Why You Should Pray ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Pray ...

In today’s fast paced and hectic world, I find that more and more people are disconnected with God. Belief in god and the power of prayer can do a world of good to every one of us. You don’t have to believe in the rituals set up by your religion to believe in God and to pray to Him. Here are 7 reasons why you should pray.

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Sense of Peace

Praying to God brings an immense sense of peace and well being to those who truly believe in the power of prayer. It is a great sense of relief to place yourself in the hands of a higher power instead of attempting to battle all the problems of life on your own.


Relief from Stress

There is no denying that life has got more and more stressful in the last few decades. It is a well documented fact that those who don’t believe in God and do not pray tend to suffer from more stress than those who do. Problems in life seem insurmountable when there is no hope of help.


Restoration of Hope

When everything you do seems hopeless, the power of prayer can help in bringing hope back into your life. Praying helps us to hope for a better tomorrow and hoping helps us move forward and leave our problems behind. Praying also help fill you up with optimism for a brighter future. That’s another reason why you should pray.


Sense of Purpose

Belief in God and the power of prayer helps us get a sense of purpose and direction in our lives. If we are willing to live by God’s words, we know that we would live out our lives as good human beings and that is a tremendous accomplishment in today’s world.


Sense of Calmness

When one believes that it is possible to relay ones problems to a higher entity, it helps you to face your daily problems and obstacles with a sense of calmness that would otherwise not be present. Praying prevents you from panicking when your situation seems overwhelming.


Better and Faster Healing

Science has proven that those who believe in God and pray to Him tend to heal better and faster than those who don’t. Whether it is bodily injury or wound we are taking about or psychological issues like anxiety, depression, stress, etc. people who pray find more comfort, strength and optimism during their recovery than those who don’t.


Sense of Belonging

When you belong to a community that prays to the same God and follows the same religion, you are bound to feel a sense of community with that group. This community can help you feel loved, wanted and cared for instead of feeling alone, lonely and isolated.

These are just 7 reasons why you should pray. If you look within yourself, you are sure to find many more. However, it is important that you pray because you believe in the power of praying and not just because you want one of the incidental benefits.

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I'm trying to bring my bf to God.....he actually PRAYED! I was so proud of him no joke! Hope he keeps it up

God helps everyone!<3

Most people are believers in something. Some believe in many different gods, some believe in the power of the sun, the moon, etc, and others have idols they worship, but they all believe in something more that the eye can see, or the mind can process. I am a Christian, so I believe in God the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, but mostly pray to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Since I was growing up without my parents, I put all my faith in Mary the Mother of Jesus, and she was, and is, my protectress. I am praying every day for myself, my family and everyone who needs help. I pray for people who are good to me,and for those who are giving me hard time. I am a very strong believer in the power of payer. My prayers have been answered SO MANY times, that at times I feel not worthy to be so blessed, but none the less, I keep on praying. It gives me such peace and calmness, and feeling of being protected and guided.

Prayer is more than that/ Prayer isn't something you should "just do because of these 7 things." God is real, and He's there for each and every one of us to come to, but if we just come to Him when we need Him, we won't get our prayers answered, especially if we are not His child. Prayer is for sinners to come to God for forgiveness of sins and a new life through Him, and for those of us who have believe on Him and repented of our sins, we become His child, and the prayer is our way of coming to our Father and asking for His help and grace in our life, it's our communion with our Father.

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