7 Reasons to do the 3-Day ...


7 Reasons to do the 3-Day ...
7 Reasons to do the 3-Day ...

All across the nation, women (and a few men) are preparing for the ultimate walk-a-thon, one that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for breast cancer research. This isn’t an afternoon stroll to raise a couple of hundred dollars. This is a 3-day walk, a thrilling sacrifice that each team uses to raise thousands of dollars, and I would know. I did the 3-day ten years ago, and I’ll always treasure that memory. It was exhausting, but worth it. I had my reasons for doing it, just like everyone else. Here are 7 reasons to do the 3-day.

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For the Fitness

Let’s face it: three days of walking is going to leave you footsore and tired, and not just because your walking shoes need to be replaced. It’s because your three days of walking have given you three months of exercise, all compacted … so if you’re looking for a good reason to do the 3-day, look no further than the fitness.


For Your Survivor

So many of our friends and family have been affected by breast cancer… perhaps you know a survivor. If you do know a survivor, then your big reason for doing the 3-day could be for her, for your loved one who battled this dreadful disease, and survived.


For the Connections

Think of how much closer you and your team of co-walkers and friends will be once you’ve shared this experience. Think of all of the new friends and connections you’ll make as you and your team walk together. When was the last time you and your friends spent this kind of time together, uninterrupted, for such a good cause?


For the Memory

The memories you make on the 3-day will last a lifetime. You’ll never forget the people you meet, the stories they have to share, and the impact it will have on your life.


For the Moral Value

There are few things in life as rewarding — to your soul — as sacrificing your time and energy for a worthy cause. Sure, it’s a little selfish. But it’s still a very good reason to do the 3-day.


For the Karma

If you believe in karma, imagine how much good karma you’ll stock-pile for doing the 3-day walk! It might even be enough karma to make up for kissing your best friend’s love interest way back in junior high… maybe…


For the Money!

Looking for a very simple reason to do the 3-day? Think in dollars and cents. Most teams rise thousands and thousands of dollars while they’re walking. If each team raises only $10,000 and there are (very conservatively estimating) 5,000 teams a year that do the walk, that’s $50 million in cancer research money! Imagine!

While these are just my reasons for doing the 3-day, I’m sure there are so many other worthy reasons… why would you walk? Who would you walk for? Please share… I’d love to her your 3-day stories!

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