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Right now, the festive season is not my friend. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of the dinners and drinks parties while they were happening, but now that they’re over, I’m sort of regretting all those tasty treats. It’s like being in a giant, post-holiday sugar crash and, trust me girls, it’s not all that fun – I mean who can feel good after eating only cake for a month?! Some of you ladies must be in the same boat here. If you, like me, are in the post-festive slump, take my advice and blow the dust off those training shoes …

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It’s Cheap

Exercise can be expensive. A gym contract costs hundreds every month, and while there are advantages to training with professionals in a facility, we have to weigh up how these pros balance out against the cons – particularly in times like these when money is tight. Running round the block costs you nothing and works just as well – trust me – as half an hour on the treadmill.


It’s Stimulating

Running outside is an entirely different experience from slogging along on the machines in a gym. There are things to look at – scenery and people – and you have the opportunity to select a different route when your ordinary circuit gets boring. There’s a sense of freedom that comes with a jog through the park and this makes going for a run about more than just toning up that butt.



If, like me, you’ve got yourself into a festive season rut, making the decision to start training again can be hard. After all, from where you’re sitting on the couch with your holiday treats, getting up alone seems like a lot of work. Doing exercise on purpose? Now that sounds plain crazy. Going for a run just means getting out your front door and moving those feet, while trekking to the gym can be put off for ages.



Not only do you work your muscles when you jog, but you also flood the ‘smiley’ centers in your brain with plenty of happy juice. Trust me girls, your legs might hurt but you’ll be feeling a million times better after your run than you did before you left.


Energy Kick

Sitting on the couch for a week will leave you feeling lazy. It’s a vicious circle: if you don’t move a lot, you don’t want to move a lot. Breaking out of the loop is as simple as a jog up the street. Running boosts energy levels, leaving you feeling perky and ready to take on the day.


Target Training

Studies have shown that happiness comes from achieving attainable goals and running a few times a week is a great way to manage this. If you’re a little unfit to begin with girls, don’t stress out and push yourselves to run half a marathon. Simply jog as far as you can, and after a while try to go just a little bit further. In no time at all you’ll be running like a pro and, believe me, this will leave you feeling fantastic.


Slimming down

Running is a vigorous form of exercise and if you keep at it regularly you’re sure to trim down. Even a short jog burns a hefty load of calories, and pushes up your heart rate for a sustained period of time. Not only does this cardio element improve your fitness levels, but it actively encourages your body to burn fat as well!

What do you think girls? Is running fun or just too much of a drag? How do you shed the festive pounds and kick that post-holiday slump? Drop us a line and share your secrets. We’d love to hear from you …

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Now, if I had pair of funky runners like the pair in your photo, it may actually get me out there running!

Yes, it does give a good kick of endorphins. I really feel good after a good session of running. So, you feel good and look good.:) It's awesome!

I am not a runner but was one during my school days..that gave me high. I would love to run now but there are some problems.

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