7 Reasons to Google Your Own Address ...


7 Reasons to Google Your Own Address ...
7 Reasons to Google Your Own Address ...

Have you ever Googled yourself? There are actually lots of benefits to that. Sometimes it's helpful to see just where your name shows up and why it's there. It's also a good idea to search your address. If you're wondering why, check out these 7 reasons to Google your own address and see what you think.

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Find out Who Lives near You

You never know who your neighbors are – and you should. For example, law enforcement experts encourage parents, especially, to Google their addresses, so they can see if anyone who has been registered per the rules of Megan's law live nearby. That's not to say you should immediately start hating on any registrants who live close to you, but at the same time, it's a good idea to be aware.


Be Aware of Any Crime Reports

In the same vein, you need to know what's going on in your environment. You can Google your address and the term “crime report” to check out any crime maps. That way, you can know what's going on in your town, your neighborhood, or even on your street. If there is a string of robberies going on nearby, for instance, and you haven't heard about it, you can now be aware of what's happening so you can keep yourself safe.


Unearth Any Real Estate Scams

There are tons of scams involving real estate, especially on places like Craigslist. If you've ever tried looking up home or apartment listings on there, you may have come across a scam. Well, Googling your address can show you if there are any scammers out there trying to rent out or actually sell your house. It definitely happens. Someone out there could be showing a picture of your house or listing your address as a rental popping, so unsuspecting victims will end up wiring them money.


Keep up on Real Estate Values

Even if you have no plans to rent or sell your home, it never hurts to know its value. The value of your own property will always depend on how other properties are doing in the neighborhood. Again, Google can help you discover this. You can search for your address to see what other properties in the area are being sold for. You may also discover that you are eligible for a reduction in your property taxes.


Check out the Records for Your Property

Googling your address in conjunction with real estate sites can help you discover the property records for your house. One reason to do this is to make sure that the records have been updated to show any upgrades or changes in the property.


View Your House on Google Street

Google Street View is awesome – and you want to make sure your house can be seen there. This is typically a benefit if you plan to sell your home or rent out the property. Prospective buyers and leasers will want to be able to see it, and the street views from Google Maps are a great way to do that. Again, you may end up having to update information so your home is visible.


Find out Your Address's History

Different from property records, the history of your home or at least your address can be really illuminating. A quick Google search can reveal all kinds of things, especially if you live in a particularly historical area. Who knows, you might find out that there could be treasure buried somewhere, or that there are ghosts afoot!

The drawback, of course, is that anyone can Google your address if they know it. Advances in technology have made it easy to find all kinds of information – which is both good and bad. Which do you think it is?

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I love looking for my house in Google Earth :P

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