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8 Reasons to Avoid Renting a Home ...

By Aprille

It’s time the truth comes out about renting a home. Renting can be an annoying part of life that has you arguing with the land owner or having troubles keeping terms settled. You have all kinds of things to follow with a lease or even contract. So many people run into major problems when renting and you lose money this way. Please read my 8 reasons to avoid renting a home....

8 You Don’t Get Anything Renting

You Don’t Get Anything RentingPhoto Credit: J Devaun

You don’t get anything out of renting, unless it’s a rent to own. Renting can be a pain and cause you to lose chances of buying a home. You might have no choice to go this route, but build your credit up and take out a mortgage loan.

7 Bad Landlord

Bad LandlordPhoto Credit: marco_welt

Don’t know how many times our landlord broke the rules or even made a butt out of themselves. Land lords can have so many rules to obey by. Why have this when you can live like you want in your own home.

6 Rules

RulesPhoto Credit: Sully Pixel

Rules suck when you pay so much for rent and other utilities. Many people have to follow rules, with no dogs, cats or even other animals. Not many landlords allow pets, because of insurance rules.

5 Your Paying Them

Your Paying ThemPhoto Credit: jenn_jenn

Why not pay for something you earn in the long run. Renting is paying someone else’s bills and not helping you gets something in the long run. You can change this by finding a rent to own home. Many renters allow this if the house is eligible.

4 Inspections

InspectionsPhoto Credit: pete4ducks

In an apartment or other renting home, you may have inspections. They come in to see the damages or even to check if you’re living clean. I’m not saying to live nasty dirty lives. I mean it’s nice to have no one inspecting your home and look into your stuff.

3 A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call HomePhoto Credit: dziner

When you rent a home, you might consider it to be a home, but it’s only a loaner home that you pay to stay in. It’s a lot different than owning a home. Owning a home means, you can remodel anything and have anything in your home.

2 They Know You Business

They Know You BusinessPhoto Credit: Anne (2010)

Landlords can be all up in your business and could cause problems with stress. They can tell you how to live your life and mess with your brain. Not all landlords are bad, but some go pass the boundaries and could do bad things.

1 You’re under a Lease or Contract

You’re under a Lease or ContractPhoto Credit: Sil_52

Leases can be harsh and cause you to stay there until the lease is over and past a year. They also can come back and haunt you if lose your job and you can’t pay. They can go to court and get their money from you through the court. You disobey the lease or contract they can kick you before the term and keep your security deposit. How fun is that?

Renting is just a waste of money… Rent to own is a better route, if you can’t afford a mortgage and home. Some people get lucky and have homes given to them from their mother or fathers. Not everyone is lucky and has to rent. Do you rent and tired of dealing with it?

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