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8 Reasons to Avoid Pain Medication ...

By Aprille

Pain medication can be a good thing and also play a bad part if addicted to them. You can get addicted to almost any pain medication that’s subscribed or even over the counter. If it makes you feel better, then it’s going to be addicting. However, in this blog I’m going to go over 8 Reasons to Avoid Pain Medication... Please read my blog..

8 Bad Liver

Bad LiverPhoto Credit: xcasinox

Your liver can be destroyed with prolong uses of pain medication. You will find your liver to become fatty and could go into liver shut down. Pain medications can help, but in the long run, they will ruin you.

7 Impair Your Driving

Impair Your DrivingPhoto Credit: AndWhyNot

Certain pain medications can cause you to drive badly or even run off the road. You will find yourself into a tree or endanger others around you. That’s why on the bottle of the pain meds they say not to drive when taking them.

6 Lose Sight of Your Goals

Lose Sight of Your GoalsPhoto Credit: manurs.

Not everyone can take these pain medications and stay on the right track. You can lose sight of your goals and get lost in the medications. Over the counter medicines won’t do this, but medications that are heavy they could.

5 Always Be Lost

Always Be LostPhoto Credit: Davic

I’ve seen people medicated to the point they were walking zombies. Sometimes people can’t help it, because they have so much pain to be cared for. They act lost or even out of place. However, there are a selective few that get these meds for the feeling.

4 Cost Loads of Money

Cost Loads of MoneyPhoto Credit: Gnerk

These medications can cost a bit of money if you don’t have the right insurance. You might go out of the way to get the money needed for the medications. They could cause you to lose something very near to you.

3 You Might Have a Break down

You Might Have a Break downPhoto Credit: Josh Pyles

Pain medication can cause break downs when you need to get off them or you are not subscribed them anymore. You might consider looking for help to get off them. This is for heavy medications like morphine or even codeine.

2 Sleeping Problems

Sleeping ProblemsPhoto Credit: Rockebilly....catching up

Sleep can come easy with pain medication, but did you know it could cause too much sleep or your dependant on the meds to fall asleep. This is where it can be bad. You will need to take the pills to fall asleep and this is something that could cause a bad habit and problems.

1 Addiction

AddictionPhoto Credit: helen sotiriadis

I do believe this is the major reason to avoid pain medications. Doctors will get you hooked to these medications easy and to get off some of the major pain meds, might mean going to rehab. So the next time you go to the doctor for a hurt back, try to talk to them that you don’t want to be addicted. They will give you something the isn’t easy to hook you on or the right amount you need to avoid getting hooked.

It’s hard not to avoid pain medications, because our bodies ache or even get hurt time to time. Pain medication is the number one choice that comes to mind when pain comes around to use. Some of these medications can cause major problems and leave you hurting for more. Are you hooked to pain medications?

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