7 Reasons NOT to Get a Pet ...


7 Reasons NOT to Get a Pet ...
7 Reasons NOT to Get a Pet ...

I don’t’ care what Betty White or Sarah McLaughlin say — pets aren’t for everyone! If you do have a pet, of course you should care for it humanely. But don’t let anyone talk you into a pet if you don’t want one! Here are 7 reasons not to get a pet that you can share with anyone who tries to talk you into it…

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They Require a Lot of Care

They Require a Lot of Care Photo Credit: kirstiecat

Love to travel, or work a lot? Then you don’t want a pet! They require a lot of care, all the time, and unless you want to take your yippy little Chihuahua with you everywhere, you don’t want a pet.


They’re Noisy

They’re Noisy Photo Credit: minxlj

Dogs bark and howl, cats meow and whine, birds squawk, and small critters make little scratchy noises. So if you’re like me, and long for quiet, then you don’t want a pet!


The cacophony of pet sounds can be a constant background noise that disrupts your peace. Imagine settling down with a book and being interrupted by the persistent bark of a dog needing attention or the midnight serenades of a restless cat. Even the silent stare of a fish tank is shattered by the hum of the filter and bubble noises. No matter the size or type, pets can fill your home with a range of sounds, making that elusive silence a rare luxury.


Friends and Family May Be Allergic

Friends and Family May Be Allergic Photo Credit: edwindejongh

So many people are allergic to animals, why would you want to exclude someone from your house-parties because you had to have that cat? Or, if you do decide you might want a pet, at least check to see if anyone you know and like might be allergic.


Remember, allergies can be more than just an inconvenience—they can pose serious health issues for some people. Love for your close ones should outweigh the desire for a furry friend, especially if their reactions include difficulty breathing or severe rashes. If the thought of not hosting your bestie for a movie night or having your favorite nephew sleep over is unbearable, think twice. It’s considerate to prioritize relationships over pet ownership when allergies are in the equation. So, before you find yourself smitten by a pair of puppy eyes, take a moment to consider the wellness of your human companions.


They Attract Pests

They Attract Pests Photo Credit: fofurasfelinas

Fleas are horrible pests, and they’re so hard to get rid of once they’re in your home! And that’s just the beginning — pets carry all sorts of pests and germs. Yuck!


Pets are like magnets to critters that you definitely don't want around. Think ticks, which can transmit dangerous diseases not just to your fluffy friend, but to you as well! And it's not just fleas and ticks; mites and even rodents can be drawn to pet food and waste. It's essential to remember that keeping a pet means engaging in a never-ending battle with these unwanted guests, and that takes time, effort, and money that you might not be ready to commit. Plus, let's not even get started on the constant vacuuming to handle the pet hair invasion!


They’re Expensive!

They’re Expensive! Photo Credit: Piez

Not only are they pricey to buy, they’re also expensive to feed… and to keep in clean litter… and to buy toys for…. And of course, the vet bills and license fees!


They’ll Destroy Your House

They’ll Destroy Your House Photo Credit: bsmith4815

Dogs and cats shed all over everything. They’ll also eat or chew your best shoes, and scratch your couch and coffee table. Unless you want new shoes and furniture, don’t get a pet!


Moreover, your cherished belongings become their toys. Prepare for an endless cycle of cleaning hair from your clothing, floors, and upholstery. Your cute furry friend could view your walls as a canvas for their claw art, or your cables as their personal chew toys. If you're not up for the task of constant vigilance and tidy-ups, reconsider the pet adoption. Pets need training, time, and patience to learn the do's and don'ts of home living. Without that commitment, your serene abode might transform into a pet playground disaster.


Who Wants to Clean up Poo?

Who Wants to Clean up Poo? Photo Credit: fofurasfelinas

If you have a dog, you’ll be cleaning up poo from your yard or on walks. If you have a cat, you’ll have to clean the litter box. If you have a fish or turtle or frog, you’ll have to clean their bowl or aquarium. Who wants to spend their precious time off work or school cleaning poo? And don’t get me started on the hairballs… ick!

So in spite of what animal activists and your great-aunt Melva, would have you believe, pets aren’t right for everyone. And besides, do you want to end up the crazy cat lady? No way! If you don’t own a pet, why not? Do you have a reason? Please share with me!

Top Photo Credit: edwindejongh

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Makes sense to me. I love cats but had to find a new home for my last one, a buddy of 8 years, because my new wife is allergic to all furred animals. Luckily he has a home that is way better than any of mine(I use to move a lot). And luckily for me I have visiting rights!

it epends on th pet but the ruining the furniture and making noise are easy if u get a fish.

Please also add photocredit at upper photo (cat and shoes) Otherwise please remove the picture. photocredit: edwindejongh (with a link to my flickr-account) thank you Edwin

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