8 Reasons It Sucks Being a Girl Gamer ...


8 Reasons It Sucks Being a Girl Gamer ...
8 Reasons It Sucks Being a Girl Gamer ...

Yeah, sometimes, I think being a girl gamer sucks. When it comes to games, no matter what, it seems it’s a guy's world. Well, at least, to the guys, it is – I am going to give you 8 reasons it sucks being a girl gamer.

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Guys Won’t Date You

Guys Won’t Date You Photo Credit: ginnerobot

Yeah, I know, this is silly. However, there are some guys out there that won’t date a girl gamer. They’re afraid of getting their butt pawned in a game they thought they were good at and then they would have the reputation of being beaten by a girl. It’s okay though, because if a guy won’t date you for this reason, they are not worth it.


Other Girls Make Fun of You

Some girls are stuck on guys, make up, and clothes. If you were to ask them to play game, they would make fun of you. They might even call you a loser. That’s okay, because the boys will like to hang out with you … maybe.


Not Many Girl Gamers in Your Area

Not Many Girl Gamers in Your Area Photo Credit: Matt DeWitt Photography

Growing up, I didn’t find very many girl gamers. Therefore, I either had to play by myself or play with a boy. No girl really wanted to play a game.


People Don’t Take You Seriously

Face it, guys don’t take girls seriously when they’re playing games. They think they’re there to flirt or whatever. I will admit, some of them are, but if you’re quiet and play your game, they still may not take you seriously.


The Expected Level of Play

The Expected Level of Play Photo Credit: benjamin-nagel

“Oh, she’s just a girl, she’s going to be easy to beat.” Yeah, if you’re a girl gamer, you have probably heard this more than once in your gaming career. Always, it seems the low level of play is expected. Oh, but it’s fun when you surprise them.



It seems girls are harassed more when they play games. They are taunted, talked about and all of the above.


Hearing “You’re Not Really a Girl”

Hearing “You’re Not Really a Girl” Photo Credit: Iv4nSVK

When you play on Xbox live or on an online game, such as World of Warcraft and you are doing better than most, you will normally hear this. Trust me, been there, done that.


Random Chat Requests

Random Chat Requests Photo Credit: MindThreat

Chat requests can get really annoying, too.

These are 8 reasons it sucks being a girl gamer. Of course, some of you may have different experiences, so you may not agree with this blog, but that is okay. Despite it all, nothing is going to prevent me from playing a game, so if friends don’t like it, then they’re just going to have to deal with it – if they do not talk to you because of a hobby, then they’re not worth it. So, what’s your experience with this?

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I play wow too, have for 7 yrs, as well as DOTA2, Battlefield 3&4 and more. I don't give a damn what anyone says to me and proudly tell people I'm female.

How can you not mention that the problem that there are not many games out there geared to girls??? That's the most common and widespread problem for gamer girls, finding good games!

Wow, I can't believe this happens to gamer girls (besides the random chat requests). That people say "you’re not really a girl" sounds unbelievable since I grew up in Toronto and gamer girls are much more commonplace. I tend to discriminate against guys who hit on me and later tell me they play WoW. I tend to tell them to move on, WoW guys tend to spend WAAAAY too much time in the game. One guy I knew flunked mostly out of police foundations but bragged he logged 6 hours a day on his lvl 80 paladin.

I play World of Warcraft and have done for the past 3 years, and recently for the first time recently had to report a player for harrasment. I never deny being a girl, and when he found this out, he started to ask me rather vulgar questions. All I can say is thank heavens for the ignore feature.

I've been playing the sims for like 3 years and a lot of other video games forever. I have a whole bunch of guy friends and they don't think I can play at all or beat them. It makes me mad sometimes.

Well I have a lvl 80 Human Shadow Priest, but I can't wait for race changes to be made available, and then she will become a Gnome. If I had to pick a class I don't play or don't know very well I would have to say Druid (my Raid Leader would be happy to hear that). When it comes to race, its pretty much all of them, I sort of feel sorry for the Undead, what with the whole thing not really being their fault, also like Tauren, they the peace loving hippies of the WoW universe. Which race really bugs you?

Great list and there all very true reasons but hell its still fun being the only chick that can take out a room full of dude gamers lol @lisa check out the game wet its a sick chick game and mirrors edge is awesome too

As a girl gamer this hits home for me,I'm a hardcore Simmer (I love the Sims) Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy I do enjoy a good RPG as well sometimes,dating sims are adorable,it's just so hard to find a guy who takes me seriously as stated above,i don't want to go out and party,I just wanna play LOZ

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