7 Wrong Reasons to Be in a Relationship ...


7 Wrong Reasons to Be in a Relationship ...
7 Wrong Reasons to Be in a Relationship ...

There are right reasons to be in a relationship and then there are wrong reasons tostay in a relationship. If you are sticking to someone for the wrong reasons, get out of it, before your partner gets too attached or before it gets too hard to leave. The right reasons to be in a relationship would be because you love them, trust them, respect them and care about them. However, I am going to give you 7 wrong reasons to be in a relationship …

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You Don’t Want Anyone else to Have Him or Her

You Don’t Want Anyone else to Have Him or Her Photo Credit: nicky.reynolds

This is definitely a wrong reason. Some people do not let go of the partner even when they are notin love because they do not want anyone else to have him or her. They can’t stand the thought of them being with another and that's plain selfish!


Possessiveness is often mistaken for love, but it's the furthest thing from it. Clinging to someone for the sake of exclusivity, not connection, ignores the real value of a partnership. A relationship should flourish from a place of mutual affection and respect, not from the fear of seeing someone in another's arms. If the thought of your partner being happy with someone else creates a sense of panic, it may be time to re-evaluate your motives. Love is about wanting the best for the other, even if it means letting go.


Because You’re Afraid of Being Alone

Because You’re Afraid of Being Alone Photo Credit: Walkabout Wolf

Are you afraid of being alone? This is not a reason to get into a relationship. If you’re afraid of spending time alone, then get a roommate or call up your best friend or find ways to be alone. Believe it or not, you can actually have fun alone. Don’t date someone just because you’re afraid of being alone.


Feeling panic at the thought of solitude often leads to hasty decisions about partnerships. It's crucial to understand that a romantic relationship isn't a cure for loneliness; rather, it's a commitment to another for the right reasons. Embrace self-love and self-discovery; it's in these moments that you truly grow. If you're only seeking to fill a void, you might end up in an unfulfilling relationship. Instead of rushing into someone's arms, take time to cultivate your interests and hobbies. Find fulfillment from within, and let a partnership be a choice, not a necessity.


Just for Social Reasons

Just for Social Reasons Photo Credit: MartinodF

Dating someone for social reasons is not a good reason either. If you like going out and that is the only reason you have the boyfriend or girlfriend and you don't really care about them, I don't need to tell you that this is a wrong reason to be with someone.


Often, people seek out partnerships to fit a certain social image or to avoid feelings of loneliness, especially during events or gatherings where being single might feel highlighted. But ask yourself if you're genuinely invested in the person you're dating or merely the idea of having a significant other to flaunt. A relationship built solely on the foundation of social appearances or to prevent solo status at dinner parties is on shaky ground. Look for depth, connection, and mutual respect instead—it's key for a sustainable and fulfilling partnership.


To Fit in with the Crowd

To Fit in with the Crowd Photo Credit: Osvaldo_Zoom

If you’re in high school or college and all of your friends are attached, then you may want to be too. You know, just so you can fit in with the crowd. So, you go and grab the nearest boy or girl who shows the slightest bit of interest in you and lead them on a road of heartbreak. Is this the way to go?


Absolutely not. Succumbing to peer pressure by jumping into a relationship just to have that "taken" status is like wearing ill-fitting shoes to match your friends – it's uncomfortable and unjust to both you and your potential partner. Relationships aren't accessories to be flaunted at social gatherings or status symbols that elevate your clout in your friend circle. They are built on mutual feelings and respect, not on a whim to avoid the odd-one-out label. Remember, genuine connections should never be forced or used as a means to blend into the social mosaic. Always prioritize authenticity over conformity.


To Avoid Feeling Lonely

To Avoid Feeling Lonely Photo Credit: Gabriel Asper

You get lonely at night and you hate it. You want a partner. You shouldn’t just go out and grab the nearest person. You should at least have some chemistry with the person. Although, it would be neat if you went in a relationshipwithout liking the person and then fell in love with them. Still, getting a partner for the sole reason of filling the void isn’t great.


Seeking companionship solely to dodge the pangs of loneliness can lead to a lacklustre connection. You deserve more than just a warm body to stave off the silence. Engaging in a relationship should be about enhancing your already-rich life, not serving as a mere band-aid for isolation. Remember that self-love and independence are crucial; they ensure you're choosing a partner because you truly want them in your life, not because you're afraid to be alone. Such a foundation sets the stage for a healthier, more fulfilling partnership.


For Show and Tell

For Show and Tell Photo Credit: lucky_sunny

Some people get in a relationship just for show and tell. They may not like the tall, dark-haired guy, but he will make them pretty popular. This would definitely be a wrong reason.


Entering a relationship to boost social status or for the sake of appearances is an approach that lacks depth and genuine connection. Being with someone should be about mutual respect and affection, not about the perks their image might bring to your own reputation. Seeking validation from peers through a relationship is like building a house on a shaky foundation—it's bound to crumble. Relationships should be treasured for the intangible qualities of love, support, and understanding they provide, rather than the superficial clout one might gain in certain social circles.


For Money

For Money Some get into a relationship just for money. Because they know the other person has a lot of money and will spend it on them and buy them a lot of gifts. This is simply a sign of a gold digger and you don't want to be one.

Those are 7 wrong reasons to be in a relationship. If you do not feel love towards the other person, then you should cut the ropes on it. So tell me, why are you in your relationship?

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