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10 Reasons Best Friends Are Better than Boyfriends ...

By Melanie

In high school, I know a lot of girls are focused on their boyfriends and sometimes, they have a tendency to forget about their best friend. Their best friend is left out in the cold while the girl is dating a boy. All of a sudden, the boy seems to be the most important thing. Then, out of nowhere, the relationship ends for whatever reason, then the girl goes back to the best friend begging for forgiveness and saying she is sorry for ignoring her for all those months. Of course, the best friend accepts the apology and forgives. There are so many reasons why best friends are better than boyfriends. Below, I am going to give 10 reasons best friends are better than boyfriends …

10 You Can Talk for Hours

You Can Talk for HoursPhoto Credit: Eliza Claire

For starters, you can speak to your best friend for hours. It seems as if you can live on the phone with her. When it comes to a boyfriend, you cannot do this, because he has to go hang out with his own friends – even though you are totally committed to him – he seems to have a life outside of the relationship and that is fine, but it seems that this life is more important than spending time with you.

9 They Won’t Cheat

Of course, best friends are not going to cheat on you. Now, I am not saying that all boyfriends are going to cheat on you, but I am saying that with a best friend, there is no way to cheat. You do not have to worry about them sleeping around on you or doing any of that other bad stuff.

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8 They Can Spend the Night

They Can Spend the NightPhoto Credit: Spencer Fields Forever

Hey, if you still live with your parents, you cannot have your boyfriend spend the night, but assuming your best friend is a girl, you can have her spend the night. This makes it even more fun!

7 They Understand Your Love for Edward (for Twilight Fans)

They Understand Your Love for Edward (for Twilight Fans)Photo Credit: {peace&love♥}

Assuming you are a Twilight fan, your best friend will more than likely understand your love for Edward. Being that I am a Twilight fan, I just had to add this one in! Are you going to laugh at me for it? *smiles*

6 You Can Talk about Anything

You Can Talk about AnythingPhoto Credit: emily∞

With a best friend, you can talk about anything. You can tell them how you feel about things. You do not have to worry about them getting upset and breaking up with you because of your opinion on things.

5 You Can Share Relationship Advice

You Can Share Relationship AdvicePhoto Credit: Tja'Sha ♥

When you are having troubles in your relationship, you can turn to your best friend. Your best friend is there to give you any type of advice you need – just like you are there to give her advice.

4 You Can Joke around and Not Have to Worry about Offending Her

You Can Joke around and Not Have to Worry about Offending HerPhoto Credit: DH Kong

With a boyfriend, you have to worry about offending him. However, with a best friend, she (or he) will know that you are kidding. Now, I admit, sometimes, you could take it past that limit, so you should always watch what you say.

3 You Can Go Shopping Together

With a boyfriend, you can’t really shop together – not for clothes and shoes anyways. When you find an outfit, your best friend will tell you if it looks good or not. The boy probably doesn’t care what you wear.

2 You Can Get Honest Fashion Advice

With a best friend, when you are in a fashion emergency, you can turn to her to get some fashion advice. With a boyfriend, you can’t really get much fashion advice. Well, not honest advice.

1 You Can Wear the Same Clothes/Shoes

You Can Wear the Same Clothes/ShoesPhoto Credit: *cielomarie ~ still on and off

If you and your best friend are the same size, you can wear the same clothes and shoes. You can share. If you’re not the same size, then you can share other stuff, such as hair accessories, jewelry, and belts.

There you have 10 reasons why best friends are better than boyfriends. Of course, you need both of them, but you have to balance them out. So, do you want to add other reasons to this list?

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