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8 Reasons You Need a Best Friend ...

By Melanie

B.F.F.E – That’s what you are constantly scribbling at the bottom of your notes to your best friend and there is no reason why you should not be best friends forever. In fact, you do need to have your best friend in your life. Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons you need a best friend.

8 So You Can Get Relationship Advice

When you have a best friend, you will be able to get some good relationship advice. Your best friend knows your history in past relationships and may be there to remind you of the mistakes you have made in the past – that is a good thing.

7 For Fashion Advice

For Fashion AdvicePhoto Credit: SOMETHiNG MONUMENTAL

Come on, you know you need fashion advice from time to time. If your best friend is a girl, then she can give you some good fashion advice. If your best friend is a guy, then he will be able to give you fashion advice from a guy's perspective, which in a way, is even better.

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6 So You Will Never Be Alone

So You Will Never Be AlonePhoto Credit: ѕhadowdancer

Your best friend is never going to turn his/her back on you. There is no breaking up, unless something really bad happens. Therefore, you will never be alone.

5 Someone to Help Plan Parties

Someone to Help Plan PartiesPhoto Credit: KatieOak

When you have a party coming up, what do you do? You turn to your best friend. Your best friend will help you plan those parties.

4 A Good Babysitter

A Good BabysitterPhoto Credit: .•●¤ angel of darkness ¤●•.

Assuming you really know your best friend and she is good with kids, if you have to run out for a moment, she would make a good babysitter. Now, this does not mean that you should go pawning your kids off on her for free every chance you get – don’t use her like that.

3 Backup for when You’re Sad, Mad, or Upset

Backup for when You’re Sad, Mad, or UpsetPhoto Credit: VMG 2010

When you are sad, mad, or upset, she is backup for you. She will talk to you and help you sort your feelings out. She may even confront the person you are angry with.

2 Fun to Shop with

Fun to Shop withPhoto Credit:

The best friend is fun to shop with. Your best friend will give you advice on which shirt, pants, and accessories you should get.

1 Double Date

When you have a best friend and your best friend has a boyfriend and you have a boyfriend, then you can go on a double date. Double dates are really fun.

There you have 8 reasons you need a best friend. I know there are many other reasons as to why you need to have a best friend, so I am going to ask you to name some. What do you think some other reasons would be?

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