10 Reasons Why Cats Are a Girl's Best Friend ...


10 Reasons Why Cats Are a Girl's Best Friend ...
10 Reasons Why Cats Are a Girl's Best Friend ...

I love cats. In fact, I absolutely adore them. To me, a house just isn’t a home without a furry purring bundle and every girl should have one. Here’s my list of 10 reasons why they are a girl’s best friend.

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They Fit Right into the Busy Modern Lifestyle

They Fit Right into the Busy Modern Lifestyle Photo Credit: molinita

Cats don't require walking and, if they have access to a garden, are totally self-cleaning (just ask them to use the neighbor's garden for a toilet rather than your own).


They Have Personality

They Have Personality Photo Credit: claudiaveja

Each cat has its funny little habits that make you laugh. Every one is an individual with its own personality.


Sleep Schedules

Sleep Schedules Photo Credit: soleá

Cats sleep a lot. Leave some food out and hopefully you won't be disturbed at a ridiculously early hour by kitty demanding to be fed.


Peace and Quiet

Peace and Quiet Photo Credit: alexa and topaz

Cats don't snore or hog the blankets and pillows. Unlike men.



Cosy! Photo Credit: toasty oats

On cold winter nights they curl up at your feet and keep them warm. So much more stylish than a hot water bottle.


They're Good Listeners

They're Good Listeners Photo Credit: alexa and topaz

When your heart has been broken, your cat is there to console you, and they won't judge you for moping in your track pants for a week.


Cats Never Let You down

Cats Never Let You down Photo Credit: alexa and topaz

Your cat will always be there for you, unless you try to fob them off with cheap supermarket food, in which case they'll be off to try their starving waif act on the nearest soft-hearted senior citizen.


They Help You Relax

They Help You Relax Photo Credit: Vicki's Pics

Having a purring cat on your lap has to be one of the greatest stress-busters. Much better than the other kind of laptop!


They're Sensitive and Responsive

They're Sensitive and Responsive Photo Credit: Nic Temby

Cats are highly sensitive creatures and know when you need them. One of the few times one of my cats let me pick her up was when I was going into hospital for an operation, and was very scared.



They Are BEAUTIFUL Photo Credit: AnyMotion

Well, aren't they? Cats are gorgeous animals, and are all different, just like people. Fuzzy orange tabbies, sleek black cats, and everything in between!

I'm sure there are so many more reasons to love cats, but these are the first ones that come to mind. They really are a girl's best friend! Are you a cat lover? Please tell me why!

Top Photo Credit: claudiaveja

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I love cats. I love the way the pur, and how soft their fur is. But sadly. I can not get one because too many people in my family are allergic. I cried. I really want one. Why must I have the family that is allergic to cat? I even made a book of what the expenses of the cat would be, wrote down some possible name, and now am really upset :( aww. Cats rule :)! -Angelina.

Cats Are a Girl’s Best Friend…---Agreee with that:) u are so right xxxxx

I love cats much I'm much more of a dog person. Dog's comfort me far more, and the only reason I can see someone wanting a cat more is the time a dog takes is too much. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my dogs in my life.

This is by far my favorite post! My mom, best friend and I are obsessed with cats. I like dogs, but I love cats. There is just something about their "attitude." I definitely sent this link to a few cat lovers!!

I don't dislike dogs, but lets face it, they love anyone with a treat, where as cats really make you work for their affection...this might sound like a negative thing, but it just means that when you do have that special bond, you appreciate it all the more :)

I love dogs!!!! I have a little terrier and he is sooo gorgeous. He is soooo funny and kinda dumb in a cute way! :)

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