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8 Reasons Why Cats Have a Great Life ...

By Alison

I've often said that in my next life – if there is one – I want to come back as a cat. What a life they have! Those cats that are pampered pets really couldn't want for anything. They get looked after, and don't need to lift a paw …

1 Sleep

SleepPhoto Credit: dominiqs

I'm rather fond of sleep. In fact, if sleeping were an Olympic sport, I'd be up there on the podium collecting gold for England (as long as they put a bed up there, of course). So I rather envy the cat's ability to spend most of the day curled up, nose tucked in, snoozing away.

2 Food

FoodPhoto Credit: losy

They might catch the occasional mouse (or in the case of my cat, cockroach, although she doesn't eat them), but cats have it easy where food is concerned. They don't have to go to the supermarket, prepare food or cook it, it just lands on their plate with no effort involved on their part whatsoever.

3 Housework

HouseworkPhoto Credit: tiggra15

As if! They leave hair everywhere, never clean up after themselves, and do they take their turn cleaning the bathroom? Do they heck! No, we do all the work and clean up the mess they make.

4 Private Healthcare

Private HealthcarePhoto Credit: roadsidenut

I can't afford private healthcare, yet my moggy gets taken to a private vet (yes, I know there's no such thing as a public vet, except for a few charity clinics). She doesn’t pay for it either. Kind of ironic though, that most humans have to use the public system where they exist.

5 Servants

ServantsPhoto Credit: primadonna926

As the saying goes, dogs have owners, cats have servants. Their human servants do everything for them. And what do they do for us in return? Well, plenty … but only on their own terms.

6 Exercise

ExercisePhoto Credit: Gabby DC

Dogs have so much energy that they have to be taken for walks to work it off. Once past the kitten stage, however, the feline exercise routine need consist of nothing more than changing position before going back to sleep.

7 Entertainment

EntertainmentPhoto Credit: sdpalladio

Again, no effort is involved on the cat’s part. Humans are endlessly willing to entertain their feline by making fools of themselves crawling around on the floor, throwing balls and trailing pieces of string. The cat simply sits back and thinks ‘Keep going … but don’t expect me to join in …’.

8 Possessions

PossessionsPhoto Credit: sordojr

Everything belongs to the cat. He will occupy most of the bed while you get squashed into a corner. He will resent it if you try to move him from his chair so that you can sit down, so don’t even try. No matter that you pay for everything, what’s yours is his.

Who wouldn’t want to be a cat, when you look at things this way? Of course, not all are that fortunate (let’s hope that one day there are much fewer unwanted animals in the world), but they all deserve a good home, and to be loved and pampered like this. What else makes you think that the cat has it good?

Top Photo Credit: UziEmperado

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