5 Ways to Let Your Animal Instincts Kick in...


5 Ways to Let Your Animal Instincts Kick in...
5 Ways to Let Your Animal Instincts Kick in...

Let's say you have a werewolf for a boyfriend...How do you go about being the best girl in the world (or this side of Kingdom Animalia)? Check out this fun post Melanie wrote.

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Spotted Shoes

I'm not big on animal prints but I always told myself that if I ever consider buying a piece that is furry-inspired, I'd probably go for shoes. The pair featured here will be perfect options.


Check out the link and scroll down until you see a snakeskin clutch in a yummy color. Hot, right? This green one is definitely better than a gray or brown snakeskin item, in my opinion. Less scary.


Pests in your garden are great reasons to act like a jungle king. They are, after all, quite annoying. Here are some tips to get rid of them.


Okay, I dare you not to say "aww" when you see the cat plushie we are talking about. Isn't the design darling? Check out the link to know how to make one!

So have you read stuff online lately on animal prints or anything related to pets and animals? We'd love to know about them!

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WOW............how animalistic!

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