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It’s really sad when someone is cruel totheir animals. I have read some terrible stories in the news regarding people harming their pets. Why would someone want to be so cruel? Did you know thatin Florida, animal cruelty is a felony? In addition, a felony conviction towards animal cruelty counts as one strike towards the Three Strikes Law Florida has. I will do as much as I can do to prevent animal cruelty and I want you to join me and do the same. Below, I am going to give you 8 things you can do to prevent animal cruelty …

8. Report It

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If you notice someone being cruel to an animal, then you need to report it. If you see an animal sitting in a parking lot in a car, then you need to report it. I live in Florida where it gets terribly hot. If someone leaves their pet in the car for too long, it can cause harm to their health and could even result in death.

7. Offer to Buy the Pet

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If you see an owner ill treating their pet, then ask to buythe petfrom them. If they say yes, then you just saved the pet from a harsh environment. If they say no, then go back to number 8!

6. Get Those Facts

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You will need to write everything down. You will be a witness, therefore, you need to provide the location, date and time along with the details. This includes the description of the animal, the cruelty and the person that is responsible for it.

5. Teach the Younger Generation to Respect Animals

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Talk to your children’s school and see if you could arrange an assembly. During the assembly, tell the children the responsibility of owning a pet. Tell them why they need to have respect for animals. The respect and love for animals needs to start at a young age.

4. Don’t Go to Puppy Mills

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Puppy Mills are horrible. Refuse to buy any pets from stores that are selling animals. You may think that buying a pet from the puppy mill is saving them, but you are only encouraging the mills to continue doing business. You should onlyadopt your pets from animal shelters and reputable breeders. Spread this word around.

3. Learn How to Recognize Animal Cruelty

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Some signs you need to watch for include flea/tick infestations, wounds on their body, extremely thin, limping, patches of hair missing and of course, the owner striking them.

2. Animal Cruelty Laws

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From state to state, the animal cruelty laws will vary. It is important that you know the animal cruelty law. You can go to the ASPCA’s website and get a printout that outlines the laws in all fifty states ofthe USA.

1. Help Your Local Shelter

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Volunteering at the local animal shelter is a good way tomake a difference. You may even choose to foster animals that have been abused in their old homes. You will be able to give the pets a chance at having a good life. If you are not ableto volunteeryour time, then you can always donate items and money.

There you have 8 things you can do to prevent animal cruelty. I know, animal cruelty will always exist as long as cruel human beings exist. However, if we could spread the word around and be on the lookout, we can help prevent a lot of it. Stop ignoring the signs and start acting on them. So, do you have any other ideas?

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