10 Ways to Show Your Parents You Are Responsible ...

By Kati

10 Ways to Show Your Parents You Are Responsible ...

I hated not being able to do what I wanted as a child. I’ve always been quite independent and wise so being told what to do and stopped from going out drove me mad... Luckily, it didn’t take me long to prove to my parents that I was responsible enough to be treated like an adult. Are you having the same problem? Here are my top ten ways to show your parents that you are responsible.

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1 Talk to Your Parents about What You Want

Talk to Your Parents about What You Want Photo Credit: pinklilyblossom

Tell them about your dreams, and your aspirations. Not just seeing Lady Gaga in concert and going clubbing, though! Let them know you are thinking about your future and what you want to do with your life.

2 Do Chores

Do Chores Photo Credit: coldmountain

Yes, they are boring and you could use the time doing something else but think about it from your parents' point of view. Doing chores shows them that you know you have responsibilities and can deal with them and also shows good organization and time management.

3 Study Hard

Study Hard Photo Credit: Valentinian

Getting good grades at school is important. Even if you study hard later and get an amazing degree, employers will still want to look at your GCSEs. They are incredibly expensive to retake, too! Whatever course you are on, study hard for your exams and get extra credits if you can. If you aren’t managing your current responsibilities, why would your parents give you any more?

4 Avoid Childish Words

Avoid Childish Words Photo Credit: Alyssa Anne Photography

Act like a grown up and remove all excessively childish or swear words from your vocabulary. Also, avoid silly lies. Avoid “duh” or anything similar... while it might feel new and cool to you, your parents will have said the same words or very similar and will subconsciously link you to their childhood. Sure it's okay around your friends but act mature in front of your folks.

5 Avoid Upsetting Them

Avoid Upsetting Them Photo Credit: lydiafairy

Don’t use words your parents hate, watch TV shows they despise or hang out with inappropriate people. Show them that you’ve grown out of that rebellious phase and can respect their feelings.

6 Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Keep Your Eyes Peeled Photo Credit: moonshine-design

Hoover when your mum doesn’t have time, look after your siblings, pick up some milk... anything that saves your parents some time or stresswill make them look at you as a new, responsible person.

7 Be Yourself

Be Yourself Photo Credit: alexey05

While it is important to make some changes, don’t overdo it. Don't use sophisticated words that you don’t really understand or dress too old for your age. Your parents will think you are showing off and that isn’t very mature!

8 Look after Yourself

Look after Yourself Photo Credit: Biggie*

Make yourself tea if your parents are exhausted, feed your sister, take a shower without needing to be asked, clean your closet. Look after yourself and your family and don’t pester your parents.

9 Be Punctual

Be Punctual Photo Credit: ckaiserca

Get in half an hour before your curfew not five minutes after. Don’t tell your parents you need a lift just as they're about to leave and make them wait. Be punctual and responsible for your own life. Show that you understand the importance of time.

10 Don’t Be Lazy

Don’t Be Lazy Photo Credit: Jonathan Vo

Show that you are motivated towards success and don’t be lazy. Organize your own activities, swimming lessons, French lessons, etc. Being proactive is a very adult attitude!

Showing you are responsible can be really simple once you get going and your parents will soon realize how mature you are. Remember that they know you, though, so turning into a suck up for a few weeks won’t work! Just hold on and not only will you get on with your parents much better, they’ll see you as an adult too. Perfect! Have you got a tip for looking more responsible in front of your parents? Please share it with me!

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And im thinking of making a really hard desision just so i can get a horse, and that is i think i'm gonna sell my cat because thats what i had to do when i wanted my cat but now it seems like a burden having a cat and i think if i had a horse i would love it to my hearts content and ride it everywhere. I used to ride horses in oregon with a class i did but now we are in mississippi and i love it here but i just really want a horse of my own.

Thank you I'm trying really hard to earn my parents trust bak.. This is very helpful

thank you for the tips.. :)


I want to get a horse but my dad says i dont take care of the stuff i have and thst im not resposible enough. I have a cat and she has 4 kittens right now we are trying to sell them except for one and my sister has a cat and her cat has 5 kittens and we're gonna sell all of her kittens but i have to clean the litterbox out for mine and my sisters kittens and i have to do all my chores while my sister sits around and plays on the tablet all day long and i get a repitation because of her and its really really frustrating for me.

I would really live to show my parents that I am responsible enough to babysit someone else's child even a family member's but it seems almost impossible with my parents! What shall I do?? I need this job so that I can earn money fir college e.t.c

Good list! Thank you

My teenage daughter needs to see this. Thanks for sharing!

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