7 Reasons to Ask for a Parent-Teacher Conference ...


7 Reasons to Ask for a Parent-Teacher Conference ...
7 Reasons to Ask for a Parent-Teacher Conference ...

If your child has a good set of teachers, he or she is almost sure to have a great education experience. After all, in some cases, teachers spend more time with our children on a daily basis than we get to! So it’s important to have steady, proactive communication with your child’s teacher, so you can be in the know and resolve any issues before they get out of hand. While an e-mail or phone call might do, sometimes there’s nothing more effective than an in-person meeting with your child’s teacher. Here’s my list of the seven reasons to call for a parent-teacher conference.

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Changes at Home

Changes at Home Photo Credit: Carrie Vines Photography

You might be embarrassed, especially if there’s been a split, but remember, the more your child’s teacher knows about what’s going on at home, the better he or she can help your child through the change.


Difficulty Reading

Difficulty Reading Photo Credit: melissann

If you’ve noticed your child is having an issue with this most basic and important of learning skills, then it’s almost a sure bet that your child’s teacher has noticed, too. Call a parent-teacher conference so the two of you can develop a reading study plan at home, so your child doesn’t fall behind or get frustrated. It’s important to work with the teacher on the plan, so the two of you aren’t working at odds with each other.


Difficulty with Math

Difficulty with Math Photo Credit: *Peanut (Lauren)

While some children just struggle with math, most will eventually catch on, and it’s smooth sailing from then on. But other children just can’t make that elementary connection, and if that’s the case, you’ll want to do whatever you can to help. Call a conference with your child’s teacher so you can decide how best to help your child to make that first math connection.


Playground Bullying

Playground Bullying Photo Credit: Emmy Fotegrafe 916.856.2219

This is one of the most important reasons to call for a parent-teacher conference, because it not only inhibits learning, but it can even lead to suicide in extreme cases. Most schools have strict no-tolerance policies for bullying, and are aware when it happens so they can help prevent it. But sometimes, especially when the children are young, they’re not aware of the problem. If you’ve noticed an issue, and are sure it’s not just kindergarten drama, talk to your child’s teacher about it.



Illness Photo Credit: whidbychick

While you don’t need a conference to let your child’s teacher know about every cold or flu, it’s important to tell them about any chronic illness or health issue face-to-face, so you can make certain they know exactly what to do if Johnnie has an allergic reaction to a bee sting or Susie loses her hair from a cancer medication. Again, the more the teacher knows, the better prepared he or she can be to help your child learn, and progress.


Teacher Issues

Teacher Issues Photo Credit: *Erin Nicole

Not every student will adore every teacher, and not every teacher will adore enjoy every student. There are abound to be personality conflicts, so it’s important to make sure your child knows that no matter what, he or she needs to be respectful and obedient while at school. On the other hand, it’s also important to make sure there’s not a real teacher issue, so it’s best to call for a parent-teacher conference. Be candid, but not insulting — remember, a vast majority of teachers are absolute professionals, and won’t let personal feelings interfere with teaching.


Strange New Habits

Strange New Habits Photo Credit: 1ts5teve

If your little one has recently developed a strange new habit, or has regressed to an old habit (like thumb-sucking or bed-wetting), then there may be something going on at school, something stressful. Your child may also be afraid to go to school for some reason. If that’s true, then his or her teacher is bound to know more about it. This is a perfect example of the right time to ask for a parent-teacher conference. The issue might be something insignificant that will self-correct, but it’s always better to address a problem just to be sure.

There are likely many more reasons you’ll want to meet with your child’s teacher, and most of the time, if there’s an issue at school, teacher will request a meeting with YOU! Whatever the reason be, a meeting will help the teachers do their job better and even help you be a better parent. Can you think of any other reasons you might want to call a parent-teacher conference? Please let me know!

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