8 Ways to Become a Better Parent ...


8 Ways to Become a Better Parent ...
8 Ways to Become a Better Parent ...

I look forward to playing games every night with my daughter and coloring with her is a great way to distract me from my writing. As I watch my child, I am encouraged to be the best parent she could possibly have. I am always trying to do better for her. You do not have to be the perfect parent, but you should be motivated to do your best each day. There is no denying that this is a big responsibility, so here are 8 ways you can become a better parent right away.

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When Trying to Tackle a Project, You Should Find a Way to Let Your Child in on the Task

When Trying to Tackle a Project, You Should Find a Way to Let Your Child in on the Task Photo Credit: DaizyB

All children love to feel needed. Working together will give them the opportunity to speak up and learn how certain things function. Whether you are mowing the lawn, making a scrapbook, cleaning the house, organizing your things or creating something on your computer, do it together. Even by telling your 4-year old to sort socks by color and fold them, you are doing something good.


Think before You Open Your Mouth

Think before You Open Your Mouth You are going to become a better parent and make less mistakesif you stick to this one. Words said in impatience or haste can leave a long lasting impression on their tiny hearts and minds. It’s like leaving a footprint in cement. Thinking before speaking always pays off, especially when you are angry.


Show Interest and Offer Support

Show Interest and Offer Support Photo Credit: SharJawyaH © -[ 350z ]-

Children will open up and tell you about their day at school, as long as you are interested in listening and show them support. The minute you start seeming uninterested or tell them to keep quiet so that you can finish more important work, they will turn away from you. If you do this often,in the long run, they will completely stop looking to you for support and input and you don't want that now, do you?


When You Are Trying to Get Their Attention, Talk Softer

When You Are Trying to Get Their Attention, Talk Softer Photo Credit: the gnome hut

Do you know how sometimes children won’t listen and don’t hear you when you are trying to get their attention? So you talk louder and louder until you get their attention? Don’t do this. Try this approach: talk softer and softer until they notice you and respond.


Firmly Say No

Firmly Say No Photo Credit: aba*boy

When the answer is “no,” firmly say it and add some compassion in there.Say your son wants a brand newX-Box 360 and you can't afford it right now, tell him exactly that. Don’t come off as hateful and act like the answer is no, just because. They will listen to you and not hold a grudge if you explain your decision as opposed to a "Because I say so".


Say “yes” and Sacrifice Even You Did Not Intend to

Say “yes” and Sacrifice Even You Did Not Intend to Photo Credit: madelyn *

Do one thing for your child everyday that is special and show them how important their happiness is to you. Take him out for an animated movie, play outside in the rain with them, buy them ice-cream etc. This sometimes might mean putting away your own hobbies and activities but I promise you, as you watch them smile, you will be happy!


Do Something for Yourself Once in Awhile

Do Something for Yourself Once in Awhile Yes, I am talking about you. You are a hardworking parent who hardly hastime for yourself. Find time to indulge and pamper yourself and you will be in a better mood to take care of your children.


You Should Always Assume the Best and Not the Worst

You Should Always Assume the Best and Not the Worst Photo Credit: the brownhorse

Often times, kids feel as if they are guilty until proven innocent. When they start telling you something, before you over-react or get defensive, you should listen. It is always important to assume the best and not the worst.

As a parent, you should always have an open mind and try to understand where the kids are coming from. You were little once and you made the same mistakes they are making now. And one day, they will be in your shoes. So set a good example for them.

What tips do you have to share to become a better parent?

Top Photo Credit: Samuli Ikäheimo

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Good advice....I definetly know I will listen to my kid and never discount anything they say because I know from personal experience how hurtful it is..my own mother says things like "you always repeat that, that's not important, or why do you always make everything I say about you?" all of the criticisms she is guilty of but exagerrates whenever I express a need to just be able to be heard. I try to explain that I don't make everything about myself but every person experiences things from their POV hence her misinterpretation....showing empathy/understanding is not being narcassitic....one thing that really does hurt is unintentional favoritism....the road to me is always there when people want something but when I need something it is closed off.....my sister who is spoiled/shallow/selfish seems to get everything including time just by virtue of being obnoxious and loud. I can't wait to have a child to show them the world and go on a journey of self-discovery with it as it learns and grows. I will always remember to listen first and never forget the importance of being heard.

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