10 Steps for Spring Cleaning ...


10 Steps for Spring Cleaning ...
10 Steps for Spring Cleaning ...

Spring means a fresh new start, not just in nature and in the weather, but inside the house as well! It’s time for spring cleaning, and this year, I’m actually excited about it! If you dread spring cleaning, I can help! Here’s a step-by-step plan for getting your spring cleaning done...

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Set Aside Time

If you plan to do a thorough spring cleaning, you’re going to need at least one full eight-hour day to do it. Plan ahead at least a week to make time, and plan to order dinner in, so you don’t have to pause to make a meal. Make sure the family or your roommates know when you plan to spring clean far enough in advance that they can plan to help, or at least stay out of the way!


Enlist the Troops

Spring cleaning, like any other big job, is a lot faster and easier if you have helpers. If you have children who are old enough to help, ask them to help (or bribe them, if you have to). Who knows,it might even end up being one of those fun things you do with your kids. If you have friends or roommates, ask them, too. Remember, many hands make light work… it’s true!


Gather Supplies

Before you get started, make sure you have everything you’ll need, so you don’t have to spend time hunting for cleaning supplies, or worse, having to leave and buy them. You’ll definitely need a bucket, access to hot water, scrubbers and rags or sponges, all-purpose cleanser, window cleaner, and cleanser with bleach. What else do you think you’ll need?


Make a Plan

Before you break out the mop and bucket, make sure you have a plan, of what you need to clean in each room. Like with grocery shopping, I find it easier to have a written list of what to do. You may even want to make a list of which rooms need cleaning, so you don’t forget anything, and have to double back.


Work Your Way down

Start with the “high” stuff in the room, like dusting the ceiling fan and the tops of photo displays and door frames, then work your way down, so the baseboards and vacuuming are the last thing. Follow the same process in all of the rooms, and if you need to, make a list, so you don’t forget anything.


Will You Need a Pro?

There are some things that are such big jobs, it may be easier, faster, and less expensive to just hire a professional. For instance, do you want to replace light fixtures, steam-clean grout, and wash the outsides of windows? Do you want to wash the walls, or hire a painter to re-paint them? Painting is always a great way to give your old furniture a makeover.


Replace the Things That Need to Be Replaced

Are you tired of looking at that cracked mirror in the bathroom, or that ugly light fixture in the hallway? How about that cracked light-switch plate in the foyer? Or that missing bit of crown molding? Now is the time to replace these types of broken things, as well as those light bulbs and other smaller items that need attention. Spring cleaning is also a great way to find old things that you can recycle.


Take Breaks

Don’t try to get everything done all in one go. Make sure you break for lunch, and to rest for fifteen minutes every two hours. Don’t get worn out, disgusted, or dehydrated, or you’ll want to quit! It helps to load your iPod with the same type of music you use for working out, to help keep you motivated, too!


Don’t Forget the Closets!

Spring cleaning is also the perfect time to clean out your closets! Pitch those jeans that are too big or too small, those boots that are so scuffed they’re hardly black anymore, and for heaven’s sake get rid of those white blouses with the yellow deodorant stains! And while you’re at it, buy new things to replace the ones you’ve thrown away, too!


Is It Time to Re-arrange the Furniture?

If you’re moving the furniture anyway, to wash the walls and vacuum or clean the rugs, you might as well re-arrange the layout of the room, too, if you’d like! Moving furniture can make a room look a lot bigger, let in more light, or just give it a much-needed change, without buying anything new! Think of it as a makeover for your room.

See? Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore, it can actually be almost fun! Follow my little spring cleaning tips and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy all of the other things we love about spring… do you have any other tips to share? How do you tackle your spring cleaning? Please let me know!

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