9 Ways to Spring Clean Your Love Life ...

Now that itโ€™s definitely spring, youโ€™ve probably thought about spring cleaningyour house and your wardrobe, but have you scheduled spring cleaning for your love life? Spring has completely new love rules, so itโ€™s time to banish the winter blues and clean out your baggage...

1. Stop Hibernating!

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Photo Credit: Richard Upshur

Come out of the dark place youโ€™ve been hiding for 6 months! While cold weather, jumpers and thick soup probably havenโ€™t filled you with confidence, itโ€™s time to get ready for spring, so ditch any old clothes and go and get some new spring dresses, skirts and heels. And get a wax, and a haircut... might as well have a full revamp, right?

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