8 Tips to Get Started with Decluttering ...


8 Tips to Get Started with Decluttering ...
8 Tips to Get Started with Decluttering ...

This materialistic world we live in has brought about a new headache for us: clutter. We accumulate things and before we know it, we are drowning in the useless and the forgotten. If you have a problem with clutter, then here are some simple tips to help you get started with decluttering.

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Don’t Rush

Don’t Rush Photo Credit: Svenmarck

Throwing away stuff, no matter how forgotten or useless, can be a stressful experience. More so when you are dealing with sentimental items like photos, souvenirs, cards, and letters. Take your time in decluttering your home but make sure that you are also making progress.


One Room at a Time

One Room at a Time Photo Credit: littlemisspatricia

To make decluttering more manageable, work on one room at a time. Move on to the next room only when you are sure that you are done with the job.


Evaluate Your Possessions

Evaluate Your Possessions Photo Credit: smellslikeb a b s

Go through all your things and evaluate their usefulness in your life. Chances are there are some things that you haven’t used or have forgotten about.


Sort through Clothes

Sort through Clothes Photo Credit: Deirdre B

If you no longer fit into something, or if you haven’t used something in six months, then sell, donate, or give it away. Of course, this does not apply to seasonal clothes. Don’t forget to throw away anything that is useless or beyond repair.



Categorize Photo Credit: Victoria Penrose

There are three categories under which your stuff will fall into: Keep, Sell/Give/Donate, and Throw. As you sort through your things, determine which category they belong to. Be ruthless when doing this; pick up one thing and make a decision. Don’t make excuses or rationalizations. Seasonal items need further consideration, though.


Box It up

Box It up Photo Credit: ahhyeah

For things that you are unsure about getting rid of, seal them in one box (just one!) and set aside for 6 months to one year. If the box remains untouched when the set date arrives, donate it without being opened.


Stop Buying or Accepting Things

Stop Buying or Accepting Things Photo Credit: frdb

Do not to buy or accept anything you don’t need or already have. If you do, then be sure to give away or donate something you own. Think of it as "one in, one out."


A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything Photo Credit: Tara Anderson

Clutter starts when there is no proper place for things. Finding the appropriate storage is essential in keeping orderliness. Don’t buy new storage until you have finished decluttering. Everything you need might just fit into your existing storage.

Decluttering begins when you understand that your value is not determined by worldly possessions. With this mindset, you will be able to go through your things without unwarranted stress and pain. I hope that these tips will help you achieve freedom from clutter. Do you have any other tips for decluttering? Please share!

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I find that when I clean my bedroom it always takes me most of the day to do a thorough job. And another tip - the mess will get worse before it gets better. Much Worse.

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