7 Smart Home Solutions and Organizers ...


7 Smart Home Solutions and Organizers ...
7 Smart Home Solutions and Organizers ...

It’s so easy for things to get out of control at home. Unexpected accidents, sudden illness, softball practice, and meetings at work keep us on the run. Before you know, things around the house have been let go long enough and BAM! You come home to a mess! Here are a few of my favorite tips for making life a little easier!

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Extra Counter Space

Extra Counter Space Photo Credit: teenytinyturkey

I love this tip. It works like a charm. Next time you host a buffet at your home, don’t worry about not having enough room on your counters. If you need extra space, get your cookie sheet or pizza pan, open your silverware drawer and place the cookie sheet across the drawer. Now, place your casserole on top of the cookie sheet. Instant counter!


Wrinkle Releaser

Instead of standing over the ironing board and running the iron over your clothing, try this easy trick: Wet a washcloth and toss it in the dryer with your wrinkle outfits. As the water begins to heat up, it will create a light misty stream, which softens the material and removes wrinkles. This can be done while you shower, and your clothes will be ready when you are!


Quick Dust Remover

Cut up your old fleece sweatshirts and use them to dust your furniture. Rubbing the fleece will cause a static charge and practically draw dust right onto the cloth. Dusting has never been easier! This also works great on chairs and couches to remove lint and animal hair easily.


Silk Flower Cleaner

Silk Flower Cleaner Photo Credit: sweetangel05

I learned this tip from a wedding planner. Easily clean your silk flowers by popping off the blooms and placing them in a baggie. Add 2 Tbs. of salt, seal the bag and shake for about one minute. The salt pulls the dust loose. Gently shake the flowers over your trashcan. The salt falls out, carrying the dust with it.


Remove Elmer’s Glue Easily

Remove Elmer’s Glue Easily Photo Credit: Wasn't Here

Now that school has started back, the kids are going back to creating school projects. Most of these projects will use Elmer’s. If your child spills a little glue on the table or counter and you don’t see it until it’s already dry, don’t worry. Clean is with a little vinegar. The acid will loosen the glue, lifting it right off the counter.


Computer Clean up

Computer Clean up Photo Credit: Greyness

Dampen a Q-Tip with alcohol. Be sure and squeeze out all the excess. Now, rub each key on your keyboard with the Q-tip. Change Q-tips as often as you need. The alcohol will not only clean the keys, but also sanitize and eliminate germs.


Shower Curtain Rx

I clean my shower curtain by washing it in the washing machine. I use the delicate cycle and half the soap, but no fabric softener. When finished, I throw it in the dryer on “no heat” to remove drips. After I hang the curtain back up and it is completely dry, I use cotton ball and baby oil and rub the oil on the bottom of the curtain. This prevents mildew from forming on the bottom of the curtain. It works, really!

Women just can’t be super man all the time! Sometimes we need a little help with fast, easy tips. I hope you enjoyed reading these tips. Do you have one you’d like to share?

Top Photo Credit: The 10 cent designer

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