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10 Sweet House Decorations ...

By Jelena

When it comes to freshening up your house décor, the only wrong time to do so is the day before the doomsday. However, since I don’t believe doomsday will be happening any time soon, I’ve taken the liberty to suggest some cute, unusual decorative items I, personally, find interesting. So, tell me what you think about these following ten:

Table of contents:

  1. test the waters vase
  2. mushroom candle set
  3. flowery bookends
  4. dining time clock
  5. shoe-shaped vine holder
  6. lovely shells
  7. purple lamp
  8. floppy disc pillow
  9. heart-shaped crystal bowl
  10. birds and coats

1 Test the Waters Vase

Price: $34.99 at
My definite number one! This vase is so sweet, unique and it goes with just any room color. Plus, you don’t have to use it as a vase only – you can get one for your office too and keep your pencils in it.

2 Mushroom Candle Set

Price: $16.99 at
I love candles and I think these three cute mushrooms are an ideal (and not to mention very affordable) way to brighten up the atmosphere and complete the fun/retro/cozy look of your interior.

3 Flowery Bookends

Price: $33.99 at
Lovely color and a sweet design that just makes you want to read. I’d use it for my bedroom and made sure it’s stacked with my favorite romantic novels. What about you?

4 Dining Time Clock

Price: $49.99 at
LOL! I love, love, love this one! I know it’s kind of big, zany and not very easy to blend in with the rest of the room but don’t you just love the clock that always shows it’s the perfect time to have a bite?

5 Shoe-shaped Vine Holder

Price: $18.00 at
From the shoe closet to the top shelf – I usually don’t go for sparkly home decorations but, as a true shoe fanatic, I just couldn’t resist this one. Life tastes sweet with a new pair of shoes on my feet so I sincerely hope that goes for wine too.

6 Lovely Shells

Price: $345.00 at
Now, considering the price of this wonderful, extravagant set of boxes I’m not embarrassed to say that drooling over them is the only thing I can afford. However, if it turns out I have a filthy rich cousin who has just died and left everything to me, I’m getting a set for each room of the house!

7 Purple Lamp

Price: $16.99 at
Got it 5 days ago and let me tell you one thing, this image doesn’t do the lamp justice! We haven’t found the bed we originally went shopping for but this lamp made the whole “walking through 2 floors of IKEA in 14cm heels” experience worth it.

8 Floppy Disc Pillow

Price: $38.00 at
Ah, sweet memories! Floppy discs bring out my childhood memories and I can totally see this smiling one in a huge armchair I like to get cozy in when studying, writing or browsing the Internet.

9 Heart-shaped Crystal Bowl

Price: $150.00 at
Very elegant, classy and low in details- that’s exactly how I love crystal. And I’d love to say there is no reason for it to be this expensive but I can’t because fine pieces like this were never cheap. The solution? List it in your wedding registry!

10 Birds and Coats

Price: $32.99 at
I like it because it’s sweet and kind of reminds me of Cinderella. I know these birds won’t exactly help me get dressed for the big bal but they can at least hold my coat while I do the preparations myself. That’s something too:)

Do you like my choices ladies? Which one of these would be a good refreshment for your house? Do you even like these “dust collectors” as my sister refers to them and anything else that isn’t made only for sitting, sleeping or eating? Have I missed something and are there other items you would like to see on this list? Please share your thoughts, house decoration ideas and, of course, likes and dislikes.

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